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    Jul 7, 2011
    Just returned from a weekend camping and decided I was tired of trying to cook with hand me down and old Teflon/ceramic skillets. Decided I could replace all old skillets with one or two cast iron skillets. I can and do cook with cast iron at home just not 100% of the time. However, cooking at camp on a fire or Coleman stove is different. So I have a couple questions. When cooking over campfire how to you regulate the heat? Can't raise the grid. Move some coals from under the skillet or add coals as needed? If you were cooking something like stew, chili that you wanted to simmer, how would you regulate temp of food or rate of cooking? And lastly, is there a cooking over a fire with cast iron for dummies book out there? How about one for Dutch ovens? Thanks
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    Sep 18, 2016
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    There is Cast iron for dummies books and i regulate temp by adding or subtracting coals as needed.
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