Title woes!

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    May 31, 2018
    Here is what I have to do now, lol. Talk about pain in the ass. 20180712_111645.jpg 20180712_111649.jpg
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    Ahh the good ol government. They always know whats best for you. LOL
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    Absolutely outrageous considering you have a signed title and bill of sale! Since the title had a lean on it, I would think all you would need to do is prove the lean company is no longer in business. Actually, this falls on the PO for not getting a clean title before he sold it to you. I would have only purchased had he done so. Since it's too late for that now, I wish you best of luck. Hope it ends up being less hassle than it sounds.

    Like @nineoaks2004 , I'm glad to live in Florida. In the county where I live, they are super easy to deal with. Since we are so close to GA, where some trailers don't have titles, they will issue a title with a bill of sale, if you bought out of GA. Five minutes in and out.

    Night and day difference from when I lived in MD, where a trip to the MVA would require being there to line up before the crack of dawn and carrying a cooler with lunch ... and still leaving at the end of the day empty handed.
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