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  1. McFlyfi

    McFlyfi Active Member

    Aug 1, 2014
    Finding a way to transport bikes with the PUP has proved much more difficult than I thought. I do have the rack channels on my Coleman, and I have many Thule racks and accessories, but after pricing the tabs, feet, towers and load bars, I just couldn't part with north of $500 to carry a couple of bikes on the roof of the pup. I could just as easily put them on the roof of the truck, and only have to buy adapters for the new Tacoma. But I didn't want a roof solution.

    I know what you're thinking- "It's a truck, put them in the bed, dummy!" That unfortunately takes up significant real estate, and I'd have to take off my tri-fold tonneau cover.

    I found this on amazon- Tail Gator Bike Rack For Trucks
    The rack hangs on the tailgate and holds two bikes.

    I had a chance to use it this past weekend, and it works as advertised. Holds two bikes, in our case, an adults comfort bike and a large kids mountain bike. No clearance problems for anything on the tongue, and no turning radius problems. Hangs on the tailgate with 5 straps connected to the gate and the tie down points in the bed of the truck.
    The tri fold cover can be used folded up to the cab, and once at the site, the rack is easily removed, and the cover folded down for security.

    Yes, it adds to the "tongue weight" as it hangs over the edge of the bumper, but the Tacoma is rated for 650 lbs tongue wt, and the trailer is at 340 (measured).
    I think this is an excellent solution for truck based, (relatively) inexpensive bike transport.

  2. generok

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    Feb 7, 2013
    Anchorage, AK
    Yeah, I'd rather transport plutonium and methylethyldeath than bikes. I finally had to bolt a cheap fork mount in the bed of my truck that has a slide out loader and a cap. I just lock it in and slide it inside the cab. But for many trips I have loose loaded bikes only to have a tangled mess.

    I too refused to give Thule $500 of my money, so the solution I came up with cost me $20 and a couple of bolts. I like your solution too. It works good and lasts a long time.
  3. McFlyfi

    McFlyfi Active Member

    Aug 1, 2014
    After about a year and a half and about 40 uses, this bike rack has failed. One of the support arms that carry the bikes bent, and is now about 6 inches lower than the other. Close to a catastrophic failure. We were 50 miles into a 300 mile trip when I decided to remove the aft bike and lay it on top of the other gear in the bed of the truck. The forward bike rests pretty much on the bend of the tube, so there was little chance of it bending the tube further.
    Sadly, I cannot recommend this rack as a long term solution.
  4. Thedude66

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    Sep 20, 2016
    Southern California
    Sorry to hear the rack failed! Have you checked ebay for the rack parts you would need to make the rails on your PUP work? I've bought lots of barely used Yakima rack parts on ebay for great prices.

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