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    Aug 31, 2016
    Longwood Park is on Buggs Island Lake (John H. Kerr Dam and Reservoir). It is one of four parks operated by Corps of Engineers (COE) and one of many campgrounds, public and private, along the large lake.

    We opted to stay there because it looked smaller in size, and thus, hopefully, quieter than some of the other larger campgrounds. It met our expectation and suited us quite well.

    Longwood has three main loops with 66 sites total. They are a mix of electric/water hookups and basic, no hookup sites. Most along the waterfront are basic sites. The campground roads change in elevation. We saw a couple of spots on the road where folks have bottomed out. Some of the sites have a moderate to steep entrance. The sites are generous in size, many are designed to hold a camper, tow vehicle, and a boat/trailer.

    The beach area was in a cove, clearly marked. I don't think the depth was much over 6 ft. Life jackets are available for use. There is a playground and picnic shelter in the same area. There are no changing rooms, showers, or flush toilets at the swimming area.

    The campground showers were very clean and had hot water. There were two shower houses for the entire campground. Each loop had a single vault toilet. That was something I failed to recognize when I looked at the map. Oops.

    Yes, I would stay there again. I do think we'll try North Bend Park the next time though, despite it being much, much larger.
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    I heard about this place and have been wanting to visit. Do you know how dog friendly the campground is? Also do you know how safe the water is, if I was to paddle with a 13 year old? Mainly concerned about big fast boats or idiot jet skiers.
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    The campground is dog friendly. Pets must be kept on a leash with a 6 ft length maximum and must be attended at any time. They are prohibited in the designated swimming area.

    I do think it's a busy lake with fast boats and jet skiers. There is a boat launch close. It's on the far side of the cove where the designated swimming area is located. Plus, a number of campers tied their boats up next to their shoreline campsites.

    However, Longwood is not located along the most open section, and I saw plenty of fishing boats and pontoon boats. Our camping neighbors took their kayaks out each morning. The only thing they complained about was the heat and humidity. They were very excited about seeing a blue heron nest.

    I did take photos of every non-occupied site. I couldn't seem to find individual site photos anywhere. If you decide to go and are curious about a site, let me know. Odds are good that I have a photo of it. I am contacting to see if they want them uploaded.
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