Weekend Trip at Horseneck Campground, MA

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    Jun 17, 2014
    Raynham, MA
    Just got back from a weekend trip at Horseneck Campground. The campground is on the beach, and is primitive type.
    Saw several things this trip.
    • Out of 100 spots, I saw over 15 Popups. (Some dating from the 70's it looked like)
    • I saw my first camper that had given up on Solar, and had a Windmill on the back of his camper. (Beach has about a constant 20mph breeze, so maybe the exclusively camp here)
    • Probably 40 of the spots had generators, but 5 of them were worksite generators. Could hear them across the entire campground. And of course one of them decided he needed to run it all night. Apparently this campground has a "Medical Equipment" exemption.
      • On side note, The roar of generators starting at 7am was like the Daytona 500 "Gentleman, Start your Engines"
    • This parked across from us. Didn't get a chance to go say hi.
    It was great time. We'll be back in a couple of weeks. Here's a picture of the sunset:
    (I was playing with filters)

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