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    Jul 8, 2014
    Ever since I changed out my axle, added the shocks, and addedthe rear hitch and bike rack, I've been wanting to weigh my setup again and see how balanced the setup was, along with how close am I to my various weight limits. To that end on a recent trip where we had packed to stay 5 nights I stopped off at a CAT scale before getting to far down the road. We had all of the gear stowed the way we normally do and had the bike rack loaded with two zero gravity chairs and two adult bikes. The following are the results of my weight checks.

           Measured   Rating  Delta
    GVW      8800      9600    800
    GAW F    4340      4800    460
    GAW R    4460      6100   1640
    GCW     12480     19000   6520
    GAW T    3680      5000   1320
    GVW T    4120      5000    880
    TW        440       500     60

    The tongue weight limit of 500 lbs came from the draw bar that I had been using. Both my coupler on the trailer and the hitch on my truck are rated for 600 lbs. I have also recently noticed that we tow a bit nose down, but have had a difficult time in finding somewhere flat and level enough to check it with a tape measure. Near as I could tell I've been towing down about 2", so I got in a new draw bar this weekend that brings it up another 2-1/4". The draw bar is also a few inches longer than the old one as my tailgate already just barely missed the tongue jack. I'll see in a few weeks how all of this plays out for me.

    The GAW T and GVW T come from the numbers that I registered the trailer at after swapping out the running gear. The axle is actually a 6k axle (which has a stamping on it saying this rating excludes the weight of the tires, wheels, and springs), the wheels are good for something like 7.5k, and the springs are either 5k or 5.5k. From what I remember the tires were the main limiting factor on weight, but I'm not planning on getting to the 5k number on the camper at all.

    I should also note here that this is for my family of 5 (2 adults, 3 kids ages 1-4, and a small dog).

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