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    I disagree on the "you should be ok" part of this reply. There is no way that I would consider towing this without a WDH. Steering and braking are definitely going to be affected once the back end of his vehicle drops. It's just not worth the risk as far as safety is concerned. Maybe I'm more cautious than others but when it comes to putting myself or others at risk I take it as priority number one. The op should find a way to acquire a proper hitch before even attempting to take the trailer home. Just my [2C]
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    . Jash1178 read your manual for your TrailBlazer, as I found out in my research some SUVs (mine is one of them) cannot use a WDH. So this may also be a problem if your vehicle falls in the same category. For your sake, hopefully not.
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    You can get a WDH from harbor freight too that will work. If you can afford it please get even a cheap unit. the issue here is your TV weight is low enough that you will face sway conditions with the front end so light on the highway. You will also experience chatter and wallowing in the front end as the front end lightens up.

    is there no way you can borrow a friends truck or something for now ?.

    My tundra has a front lift and already 100k so the rear shock were shot. so even with a expensive wdh [the dealer wanted 1000 till i showed him i can get it online for 500- then he sold it for 500] the ride was horrible. till i put HD rear shocks, airbags to counter the front lift kit. i run my airbag very low as add on support to the shock as my TT is 7500 and the cab has 4 adults and a big dog .
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    I picked up a used but nice WDH made by Reese with sway control. 10,000 pound weight limit...I think Im good. Thanks all for the input.
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    I found this is my manual for my TV:

    If you’ll be pulling a trailer that, when loaded, will weigh more than 4,000 lbs. (1 816 kg), be sure to use a properly mounted, weight-distributing hitch and sway control of the proper size. This equipment is very important for proper vehicle loading and good handling when you’re driving
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    Glad to hear you made this decision! Second guessing just doesn't cut it when it comes to safety!
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    I saw 2 tall propane tanks, one A/C mounted on roof and many more feature inside the camper. not a dry weight.

    Let's treat dry weight as FAKE News. ( gonna start a thread on Fake News now)
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    You saw pics of Jash's not ours..... Ours actually was 15Lbs under the listed dry weight when we hit the scales on the way home. Empty propane tanks with a battery.

    Durham.... My statement is about him getting the camper home, and I did recommend him getting a WDH.
    I understand his position and concerns and glad to see he found a WDH he could acquire.
    His truck is rated to handle the weight, little closer to the upper limits but hes not overloaded.
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    Would be good if jash1178 posts his towing experience when he gets it home.
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    excellent demonstration.. thank you

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