What type of GPS do you like?

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    I was a big Garmin customer, lover and even designed my own maps for them for my own use. So If I were to ever go back to a dedicated GPS it would be Garmin, specially now that most of their units come with free maps, however..... I dont see that happening as long as Google maps continues status quo. If we are talking turn by turn directions in roads Google maps just simply stomps every one.

    You can create POI's and save them under a number of labels (favorites, place to visit, saved, etc). You can even save icons in your phone home screen for those daily destination... now you ask why if you go to a place daily you need directions? Read traffic updates.... every morning after stopping my alarm I click on my work icon which fires google map, destination already set and I can see how will my commune look. I do that every time I am going anywhere I can expect traffic. Saved my bacon many times....

    You can also save your maps to your phone. In our trip to Greece we did not know if we would have coverage and if we used our phone we would have paid $10 a day. So, we downloaded the google maps for the entire island, never needed data for gps the 9 days we were there. Of course, having the data off we did not got traffic updates but there is no traffic in santorini greece to speak off, lol! Any offline data is updated as any new info is available, automatically or on demand. Google has the most updated map data.

    As far as using the phone, having a stand alone gps will not stop it, heck, when I am using my phone as gps I set my phone in blocking mode, no calls nor text comes thru in my screen except the short list of people I allow. I dont want the text/phone call interrupting the gps.

    Good luck!!

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    Well, once again I thank everyone for chiming in on this thread. I again have made some changes, although I didn't think I would. Back in post #16 of this thread, I mentioned that I picked up a Garmin 58LM. This was primarily purchased for my daughter to use. She has since bought a new iphone, and likes to use the 'maps' app that came with the phone instead of the Garmin. She gets along with the phone app quite well. So I put the 58 in my TV and took out the Garmin 50LM that I had in there. After a few months now, I have swapped the 50 back into my truck, and after careful consideration, sold the 58 on kijiji (for a slight profit over what I paid for it). I didn't like the newer 58 for a few reasons.

    1) I like the looks of the graphics on the older 50 better, thats personal preference. (I'm just used to an even older one in my work vehicle I guess)
    2) The 58 seemed to send me in even more ridiculous ways than the 50. (both updated maps on the same day, sitting beside each other on the dash, going to the same address, avoidances set the same)(The 50 seems to do pretty good for direct route)
    3) The feature of painting a blue line on the road traveled to find your way back has been removed from the 58. I use that all the time. 58 has no return feature, so you have to search another address, or hit 'home', which is in a menu, to find your way out.
    4) 58 no longer alerted while coming up to 'red light camera' intersections. I like that in the 50
    5) Searching and picking addresses on the 58 didn't seem as smooth and straight forward as I feel it is on the 50. (again, thats probably personal preference and what you get used to).
    6) Both have the split screen that shows you exactly what lane to be in while approaching an off ramp. It then pops back to regular screen when you are back on regular road. I really like that feature.

    These are just a few small differences I guess, but when I had them both in my hands, and decided to get rid of one, I figured the newer one should go. Its worth more money for re-sale at this point as well. The next vehicle I get may very well have a built in nav system anyway, so I might as well get rid of the more expensive newer one.

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