Where do your dogs sleep?

Discussion in 'Camping with Kids/Pets' started by Gardener, Mar 23, 2018.

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    Sep 18, 2018
    Thanks yours are adorable!!

    The maiden run of our PUP went well this weekend. I forgot to pack the Doxie crate so he shared a spot with our larger female since the small female would get cranky and beat him up.

    She gets a little separation anxiety so I had to get creative keeping her in the crate when we went out to dinner:

    Next on the list is figuring out how to keep the dogs quiet in camp because we really felt like "those people" with our dogs barking...

    Oh and since you asked this is our Doxie Nugget:
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    May 28, 2018
    I use a spray bottle with water if Bat-dog gets over excited and won't stop barking. It works well with her, she'll start a beagle whine, but the barking stops completely.

    The main thing I have found is the same with kids. As long as you make an effort to stop the "negative" behavior, people are understanding. It's when you just completely ignore it for hours on end that irritates people. I've had people apologize to me for "causing" my dog to bark, because they see me making the effort to quiet her down. One camper told me " she irritates you with her barking - we don't even notice it". So, just make the effort, don't leave them alone for hours unless you have proof they don't bark. If you do get a complaint, be understanding of their annoyance and don't go defensive. Explain you're working on it and show the actual effort of doing so.

    The person who still complains is never going to be happy. So do your best and if you get positive feedback from the majority, you're doing things right.
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    Oct 1, 2018
    Middle Tennessee
    We have a 10-year old, 90-lb Boxer who normally sleeps with our almost 13-year old son. They’ve been buddies since our son was 3 and our furbaby was 9 months. So, when we took him camping over the summer, he stayed with us inside the pup. He either slept on the bed with my son, on one of the couches or on the floor. I think the couch was his favorite spot as it was near my son, but still had access to the A/C (my son prefers it warm, so had the air blocked to his sleeping area). That week was hard on him, though, so we’ve decided to only take him as a last resort. Thankfully, we’ve got an awesome backup option for him!
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    Oct 9, 2018
    Dogs usually climb into your bed.

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