Our first trip in the camper.
Great looking family my friend. It looks like you have the same camper as I do. Don't forget to put those second support poles under the main bunk. Where did you go for your first trip. Tell us more about your first trip. Any problems?
@Grandpa Don Thank you. I didn’t know there were second support poles. That was all that it came with. Plus, there isn’t anywhere for another set of poles to connect. Am I missing something? I thought there might be 4 poles per bunk, so I made a set of straight poles. Seeing nowhere for them to hook in, I figured there were just two. I’m new though, so I’ll take any help I can get.
@Andrew Haygood That pole laying in front of the tongue is the second pole. There should be two of them. The front bunk can hold more weight than the rear bunk because of the second poles. There should be a flat type hook affair under the main bunk to connect them to. They look like the same hooks that you connect the bungee cord to. My camper is currently closed up so I can't show you a photo of them. But take a look under there the next time it is opened. Here is a video of my camper on one of my trips. If you watch as I pan around you will see the second poles in place. Also, I hope you have the safety supports in place. There should be two of them as well. One goes on the right front lift pole and the other on the left rear support pole. You can see them in the video as well. It is that wide brass colored pole behind me. It is really dangerous to not have them in place. I know, this is a sneaky way to get you to watch my video. Sorry!

@Grandpa Don Nice video. I assumed that since there was only two in the back, there would only be two in the front. I'll get out in the shop before our next excursion and fabricate something. Thank you for catching that. In all honesty, I would have probably never known unless you spoke up. I'll also keep an eye out for more of your videos.
Grampa Don,
Yours is a Viking pup. Andrew has the same pup as I which is a Fleetwood Sedona. It does not have extra supports though I do admit it is not a bad idea.
Dzia Dzia

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