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    Cassette toilet

    I literally just bought and towed this hone last night! I’m excited! It’s a 2008 Starcraft - seems fully loaded - ac, heater, water heater, radio, power lift, hard wall bathroom, nice wheels. Seems better then most I’ve seen for sale in my price range. I paid $4000. Not sure if that’s good or...
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    Cassette toilet

    I sent a pm. But basically it’s the part that goes under toilet where it connects that opens and closes when your flush. Mine is stuck and seller said his kids forced it out and it hasn’t worked since. But the tank it’s self is fine. I couldn’t figure out how to add photos to the pm, but here...
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    Cassette toilet

    Man- I’m in Cali- I need this lol. Actually just the “plate” Would you be willing to ship if I cover shipping?

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