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    Grand Caravan tow vehicle sitting low after hookup - What to do?

    I also tow with a Grand Caravan and we had the same issue even with our first small PUP. We were not comfortable with it and so my husband installed airbags in the rear springs. We got the kind you pump up with a bike tire pump. Easy to use. But we did have an incident where the shraeder...
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    Time for the next phase

    It's been a while since I've been here, but have enjoyed peeking at the forum now and then to see what everyone is up to. After some soul-searching, we've decided to sell our Niagara. It's been a fun family-camping experience, but also a lot of work for the small amount of time we're able to...
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    2006 Fleetwood Niagara – $8,500 obo - Illinois

    Camper is in very good condition, ready to camp today! All systems and appliances in good working order. Camper is watertight, no leaks or water damage, floor is solid. Canvas in good condition, zippers work well, some minor wear spots and discoloration. Some normal wear to interior...
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    I also love having a bathroom. I have a high-wall pop up, which means I have a hardwall bathroom and a built-in black tank and a sewer connection on the outside. We almost always camp with full hook-ups now. Last year, we only ever used the toilet, not the shower. This year I have really...
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    Decals on 2006 fleetwood niagra

    Hi there - fellow 2006 Niagara owner here! Not sure where you can find them. I've casually browsed a few places and not seen them, although I didn't look too hard. Mine are also very dried out and peeling. In fact, I've remove most of them with a heat gun, followed up with a Magic Eraser...
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    shademaker awning purchase

    I recently got that awning and there are no straps or velcros to hold the rolled up awning in place. It's fine if you have two people, however I would struggle to do it myself. Part of the reason is that the metal header (the main bar that runs across the front of the awning, where the legs...
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    Show me your storage ideas

    I use large Sterilite drawers like a dresser. Each drawer has a name on front. Before the trip, each person fills their drawer and puts it in the camper. Drawer stack rides on the camper floor (I can fit 4 drawers high in my high wall PUP). Just move it to the counter when you get there...
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    FREE! Dometic 3-way fridge (33" tall, from a high wall)

    Free! Dometic 3-way fridge from our 2006 Fleetwood Niagara HW. Works on 110 and propane, not sure about 12v. Standard light brown color. Has a small freezer compartment. We've only used on 110 and it works fine, unless the outside temp gets too hot (think 90+) and after that it has trouble...
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    Best PopUp parts sources?

    I've gotten some things for my 2006 Fleetwood Niagara from They often have parts that I cannot find anywhere else. Prices seem a little high, but not outrageous. Shipping was reasonably quick, within a week or so. I have found parts on Amazon that I was surprised they...
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    Too Much?

    Love it! I would totally do something like that, but DH likes things as stock as possible.
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    stupid is...stupid does

    Technically, no this is not in spec. We have a Dodge Grand Caravan and tow a high-wall. The van has a limit on the front surface area of the trailer (a certain number of square feet, which I don't remember offhand). Our HW is pretty close to the max. So a taller hybrid would definitely be too...
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    I started with a 10-foot Jayco, no slide, no bathroom. We then upgraded to a 2006 Niagara HW. So the reverse of you! I would say the set-up time is pretty much the same. I think the biggest difference would be all the amenities that you have in the Niagara (if you have the HW) are...
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    Trying to decode between...

    Welcome! If they are all in good condition, then I would base your choice on the floorplan that works best for you and if you want AC (not sure which of your choices come with it). FYI, I have a Fleetwood/Coleman Niagara and have found any parts I need either on Amazon or...
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    Plastic curtain tabs - has anyone sewn these on before?

    I sewed through them no problem with my Janome!