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    Skin on pop up camper roof.

    As per your picture that is a fiberglass roof. Only way I could think of to fix separation of the roof would be to drill small holes in the affected area and get epoxy into that area thru the holes. Then apply a weight to hold the roof back down in place and carefully seal up the holes after...
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    Screen door sliding panel

    Since the remaining piece still functions (slides up and down) you could just use a piece of lexan or plexiglass to replace the missing piece. You can get opaque plastic for privacy. (Might even be able to match the original colour) I would slide the remaining piece to the top and keep the new...
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    Roof question?

    It will not hurt to put sealant around the AC unit. I would use the dicor lap sealant.
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    Roof question?

    I would: -Check to ensure there are no signs of rot -ensure everything is dry before proceeding Assuming your roof is simular to mine with 2 trim strips down either side and 4 caps in the corners: -The trim pieces should have butyl tape under them, but a bead of clear flexible sealant can be...
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    Is my winterizing complete?

    I do... but then paranoia, or maybe my OCD tendancies, force me to also add antifreeze after. I have definitely heard of people just using air, so it must work fine, but I sleep better doing both.
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    Now I've Done It!

    Indeed it should However, I'd argue that anything produced in the 50s could likely stand the test of time. This new trailer, like all modern equipment, is manufactured to last till about the end of the warranty period. Cheap materials, rushed assembly, all done with maximizing profits in...
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    Cant close PUP with 2" topper...

    As a few others on here have suggested, try waiting before latching. Once the air is out of the foam it will not take up much space. Make sure the roof is lowered and the cable has some slack so it can continue to drop. Go work on something else for 10 mins or so and when you come back it...
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    Power lift

    I agree with the above replies. A power winch is not ideal. I find I have to adjust the overtravel limits often. I've replaced a relay on the board and resoldered the poor connections that were made from the factory. Each time I use it I'm leary of whether it will work. When it does work, the...
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    Trim screw cover replacement

    Thanks @bupkis Did you put any sealant on either leading edge? I noticed that it's folded back on itself there as you suggested, but I'm wondering if I should put some sealant under the first few inches of either side to avoid any water ever seeping in.
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    Trim screw cover replacement

    Looks like this product is readily available. However I've got 2 questions: 1. What's the easiest way to remove/install this stuff. 2. Any ideas why the whole trailer is fine except the one piece on the driver's side roof of the trailer is all dry rotted? (Trailer is mainly stored indoors so I...
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    Intake for RV anti-freeze in my PUP?

    I've used all 3 methods as I didn't realize I had the tee plumbed below. Just a heads up that no. 3 requires way more antifreeze to accomplish the same task. I can get by easily with 1/2 a gallon. (Only have inside sink and outdoor shower) but if I draw from the tank I need about 1.5 to 2.5...
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    Intake for RV anti-freeze in my PUP?

    This is what I mentioned earlier... hopefully it came installed on your trailer also. If not, Raycfe has posted a more robust solution that accomplishes the same thing and could be installed similar to this OEM setup.
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    Intake for RV anti-freeze in my PUP?

    Our trailer has a tee fitting attached on a short stub from the fresh water tank. In one position it blocks all flow, in another it connects the fresh tank to the line feeding the pump. In the last position it connects an open end to the line feeding the pump. I attach a hose to the unused...
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    Getting ready for first trip-brakes

    Local laws where I am require brakes on any trailer >3000lbs. However, it also states that IF the trailer has brakes installed they must be functional. Meaning if you're pulled over you could face fines. I don't want to make any suggestions of taking chances, but I have to say that I've...
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    Where does this go?¿

    That's likely a safety cutoff switch that won't allow the interior lights to remain on unless the top is fully raised. As far as the other wires (thermostat) when built the manufacturer will run standard cable harnesses in ea trailer and if an option is not installed that portion of the wiring...