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    Controlling sway?

    We took our 2002 Coleman/Fleetwood Niagara out for a quick trip this weekend -- first time we've been out in a while. Had new tires put on just a week or so ago, too. It seemed like we were getting more sway than in the past, especially in the 62 - 70 MPH range. We use an anti-sway bar, and...
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    CG close to the Smoky Mtns - from Ducktown, TN to Waynesville or Maggie Valley, NC area?

    I'm hoping to find a recommended cg somewhere between Ducktown, TN and Maggie Valley, NC. We need a weekend vacation in the mountains. KOAs are not our thing and we love waterfalls, woods, and hiking. Thank you very m! It's been too long since we've camped, and it looks like we'll get a few...
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    Preferred Method of Transporting Bikes.

    Adrian, it might not be just bikes that you are moving. We used a Tagalong or Trail-a-bikes when the kids were 3.5 - 4 and were strong enough sit on the back for a 15 - 20 mile ride. or...
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    Georgia - Fall Rally! Lake Allatoona Sept 7 - 9, 2012

    Well, I posted to the wrong board. I must be tired. I'm very sorry to say that we just had to cancel our reservation. So, our site is now open. We have unexpected company coming in from out of the country on Sunday, and I can not camp in the rain this weekend. I'll have no time to deal with a...
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    Georgia - Fall Rally! Lake Allatoona Sept 7 - 9, 2012

    Just wanted to say Hello to Everyone here! I haven't been online much, haven't posted much, but we are looking forward to camping at the Rally. This will only be our 2nd time out this year, so take it easy on us if we are stumbling around trying to figure out what to do. We just haven't been...
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    We've always seen 10 pm as quiet time, too, and we've camped in several types of cg's in several states. That begin said, we have trouble getting our 3 ready for bed, to the bathroom, and back in the pup by 10:15. We're always having a good time and not ready to end the day. DH gets very...
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    First time in a pop up, issue during first 3 minutes.

    I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience, but I think you handled it with incredible grace. I don't know that we would have been able to control our reaction as well, even in front of the kids. We've owned our pup for years and all of the people that we have met have been very nice. I'm...
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    Georgia - Fall Rally! Lake Allatoona Sept 7 - 9, 2012

    Re: Georgia - Fall Rally! let's start planning Hi, I don't know if I'm posting this in the exact right place, but I can post again if I find a different thread. We just signed up for site 135, I believe. And, I think that was the last site on this loop. It has been a while since we've...
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    Keeping the kids happy and therefore the hubby happy, advice?

    Don't forget to check out any ranger programs for kids or see if there's a nature center building at the cg. My kids are older now, but they have fun no matter where we go. They enjoy meeting new friends at the playground, too. We all love geocaching as well. Sometimes it takes a while to find...
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    Best time to go to Okefenokee camping?

    We need a vacation - badly. Don't have a lot of time for a dream trip out west, but I thought we could look into the Okefenokee & surrounds. When is a good time to go - not blisteringly hot, no sand flies, no horse flies that will fly off with my kids, etc. ? How long should we plan on staying...
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    Somewhere warm in mid march?

    Come to Georgia! We have great parks and we love to camp in March. Wish we would have made it this year ...
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    Rustic setting campground yet with modern hookups in GA area?

    I would second the Hard Labor Creek SP but disagree with AH Stephens as a place that would fit what you are looking for. We found the cg to be nice, but the trees were tall, and thus, the sites weren't too private. We haven't found a park like the one you are looking for ... some others that...
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    stupid question about campground prices

    We have also run into a space problem at times. Some sites are tinier than others, so we always ask for a larger site that is for a pop-up. Not sure what those huge pup owners do, now that we're talking about it. We've had a bed close to a tree and have also had to move the pup in order to...
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    Camping in Key West? When is a good time?

    So, I'm searching for this topic, not knowing that there is a camper model called the Key West. And, of course, I couldn't find anything about cgs. We need a vacation - badly. Don't have a lot of time for a dream trip out west, but I thought we could look into Key West. Can you camp in the...
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    Why is a good campground so hard to find?!

    Travelhoveler - one question about "The campgrounds at Grand Canyon often fill." What time of year is that, is it just summer, or all year round? Thank you!