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    Yellow, now my favorite color
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    Raise The Roof

    I made a PotatoHead's leverage pole years ago and it broke. Guess the Expedition roof is heavier than the classic's but thanks for reminding me. Surgery was 2.5 months ago. The 5 months before that is a very long complicated story including firing the first surgeon. Fortunately, my second...
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    ******************************************* Congrats on the Butt designation. When you get it? What color is the Wing We ran the Skyway then over to the Pkwy then ran up to Fort Royal. Then turned around. December???? I remember getting kicked off the pkwy one day because of high winds and a...
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    Try two people running the Blue Ridge Parkway for a week in a Goldwing in the Winter. Regular jackets and cameras in the trunk, Electric jackets in the left saddle bag with the tire pump and tools, and your shirts, underwear and socks rolled up and stacked in the right saddlebag. We know who...
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    First dumb question with regard to heat

    I have an Expedition with a Cool Cat that is 2 years older than you. I havent looked at it for a year so this is off of memory and some guessing. Nicole. To me that means you live in Florida and heat may not have been a option selected for someone who planned to to camp in Fla only. Mine has...
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    What spices do you carry for healthier cooking?

    When you camp among humidity your spices are simple. Salt or pepper in grinders or liquid.
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    Get them While You Can

    California is the 8th largest economy in the world. They have a long history of trying to be the the second federal government. Example. Make your lawn mower pollution standards stricter than the other 49 states or Make you gun manufacturing regulations stricter. Now the manufacturer has to...
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    Raise The Roof

    I'm 6' tall and weight 145 pounds. I've been raising the roof single handedly for years. Last spring I had a stroke. The only damage is a little bit of memory. This summer I had Triple A surgery. There is a 14" incision running up the left rib cage from the kidney towards the arm pit. It's one...
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    A Liner manuals (source)

    There were no manuals with the 2014 like you get with a car. You got some appliance manuals. Search for every appliance and print out the maunal, refrig, stove, water puamp, etc.
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    Get them While You Can

    They are 4 cycles.
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    Get them While You Can

    Honda Motor company has announced they are tired of being harassed by fake emisisons claims by the Peoples Democratic republic of California. 2023 will be the LAST Production year for Generators and lawn mowers. They expect to run out of inventory in 2023 or 2024. Get them while you can.
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    Television at campsite?

    Are you speaking of the weather radio network that has low powered radios about 10 miles apart so you can pick up 2 or 3? At home I have 2 Midlands. I had a Midland go bad on me and a tornado came when a few miles without warning. In the camper I have 1 Midland.
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    Locking Windows on Aliner

    I talked to Kevin a few years ago. They are a low volume manufacturer comparatively. They dont special order window screens like you think that has working locks. The manufacturer tells them they can make them a good deal on "this or that screen or they can spend a lot more for something that...
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    Water Damage Rot - Replace Walls

    There are two two end walls below the hingeline, front and back one. This is where your real problem may be if you have had that much leaking by the bubbles. Each end wall has frame work forming it. The corner frame peice is subject to rot, especially something that old. The roof spring leg is...
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    Greetings from the Ozark Mountains in Southern Missouri

    @Tigwelder On Mine I went thru an made a list of everything, stove, refrig, etc. Wrote down the model numbers then searched. Put it in a file cabinet below the seat for easy access. Aliners dont come with body owner manuals.