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    Powerenz LFP 40 set up?

    Thanks for the input Im ROFL [LOL] at what Twisted posted. Like I said Im a noob at this solar stuff. Ill keep looking than.
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    Powerenz LFP 40 set up?

    I am thinking of purchasing this setup: I would like input from anyone on your thoughts on the setup. I am new to solar power and am a little skeptical of dropping this much money, but from what Ive read these systems seem to be...
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    NM Mills Canyon in Kiowa National Grasslands

    I was thinking the same thing until I read the link that bearman512 posted. The area is prone to flooding. But other than that it is pretty.
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    NM Mills Canyon in Kiowa National Grasslands

    Awesome pics, that number 4 photo looks like the spot were the shootout in Young Guns 2 was shot.
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    What Did You Do TO Your Camper Today? - March 2011

    Opened her up to air out from the winter, today (tue 22 mar) will be doing a little cleaning and checking around on the inside for stuff, like spider nest, etc. Stock her up and than close her up and wash her. We are going camping friday.
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    The Earth's Axis VS. Our Weather?

    Ill just blame it on George Bush [LOL] Being sarcastic of course.
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    How many people on the Portal from Mississippi?

    Missed this one somehow. But we are just outside Jackson, and due a lot of camping at Roosevelt SP and Choctaw.
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    What Camping Equipment Do You Usually Keep In The Trunk Of Your Car?

    Always have a floor jack, tool box, 4way lug, jumper cables, some MREs and bottled water, (Rotated regulary). When going camping we put the colemanpower chill in the back of the Sub.and the rucks or suitcase of clothes for the kids. Also we either put the cooler in the back or in the POP just...
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    Usually bring bottled water, and we just bought a Royal Berkey. Will be trying that out next weekend.
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    NASCAR Camping

    Was there for the 1st running & your right, that track sucks anyway. Now dega, hmmmmmm... there is a track. Oh and so is Bristol.
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    1995 Stoney Creek $2900?

    Yep seems your in the ballpark, here is one in my area for sale: No pics of it open. I think its too high for that price.
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    Opinion: Highwalls or hybrid and why? what brand? which one do you like best?

    We also have 3 children, one a teen and the other 2 are twins. We have a 90 Coleman Chesapeke. It gets pretty crowded only when its raining, morning and nights. So we bring a tent and the oldest sleeps in it, and he can bring a friend or two. We are looking at a Roo, we like them, Ive...
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    Blackstreet Capital shuts down Coleman operation

    Oh man were are we going to get spare parts now. Shoot I need a new lock for my PUP, been to lazy to look for one. [:!]
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    What Beer Do You Camp With???

    I just got a Mr. Beer kit for Xmas, so Ill be takin home brewed beer from hear on out [LOL] Except for the back up 6pk pf Guiness and Corona for the Mrs's.
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    What camping smells make you smile?

    Oh man, Campfire fire any time, Coffee, Steaks grilling, opening up the D.O. on some chicken or roast.

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