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    Heated floors

    Slippers is probably the right answer. I was just trying to think outside of the box. I may just end up getting a tent with a woodstove. Been watching the youtube video's on those and they look fairly comfortable.
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    Heated floors

    I've camped in the snow before where it dips into the teens. Usually I can keep the pup comfortable with two space heaters and the occasional furnace to keep up. The only thing I've run across is that the floor is always freezing. That's why the thought.
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    Heated floors

    Would there be a good way to insulate the floor from under the camper?
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    Heated floors

    I've found that I'm a big winter camping enthusiast. I was thinking today and got to wonder if installing radiant heat in the floor would be efficient. I always camp with electricity in the winter as I'm not a fan of freezing at night. Has anyone done this or is it just a bad idea?
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    Tis the season... for furnace issues.

    I had this problem in the early spring. Turns out it was a bad connection to the sail switch. I had turned on the thermostat and manually pulled the sail switch and it fired up. After that it has run fine since.
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    Your UP camping invitation

    Arlyn, we planned on coming up this year as we discussed in January but due to some family stuff going on this year we will likely be up some time next summer. In haven't forgotten about you and still looking forward to boondocking! It's only 6 hours away.
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    Finally found "The One"!

    Welcome from Illinois. We were tent campers too. Getting a pup was a complete game changer. It takes camping to a whole new level.
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    Greetings from Portland, OR

    Welcome from Illinois! I'd love to travel Oregon. You're lucky to have such beautiful places to go there.
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    I'm Back

    Welcome back. How do you like the camping there verses the east coast?
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    Separating siding

    Today while washing and waxing my 2016 Rockwood Premier 2516g I noticed that the siding is separating from the slideout. It's only about 4 inches up from the bottom and it's slightly bowed. I can't seem to find any evidence of water damage plus we keep it covered when not in use. 20210308_113542...
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    From wheel well
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    Underside 1
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    No longer lurking in Tucson

    Welcome! You will absolutely enjoy cold weather camping.