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  • Hello - is there a way to post Arduino code for a DIY project I have recently posted? I see pictures and Videos. This would be text based and file type would be .ino

    How can I change my visable name of jash1178 to what it use to be before the update? Its was Houndog1178
    Please delete my 2 threads I had created last week, "Goodbye to this forum" under "introduce yourself" and also "what size space heater..." under ".... generators... " I'm not following these threads anymore but I have had several folks IM me that they feel bad the bullies are attacking me but are too afraid of responding to the bullies for fear they'll be attacked as well. Thank you so much!
    I would like to create a screen name and not use my full name, as it now appears. How may I do so?
    Thank you!
    How do I add details about my PUP and TV at the bottom of my threads? I notice that many of the members are able to list these details under a dashed line at the bottom of each post. Is this a signature they enter each time or is it something that auto-populates?
    upstate family
    upstate family
    Yes. Go to your account and there is a signature where everyone lists their pup and tow vehicle. It really helps to do that when you ask a question people know what model you have.
    I asked another member to start a conversation with me by clicking on username and then clicking on "start a conversation" however, the "start a conversation" option doesn't show up when my username is clicked. I've looked at "Contact Details" under my profile and the "Accept conversations from..." box is checked and the option box shows "members only". Is there something else I should be looking at? Thanks.
    My birth date is wrong and a note says I can't change it but to contact an administrator. I know it is probably a busy time for you but when you get a chance, my real birth date is Oct. 26, 1942 instead of what is shown as 1900. Thanx.
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