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    Powerlift Not working going up

    Hi, welcome to the portal. I've a few ideas but first, here's a link to the Carefree style power lift owners and install manual. Not sure if this is the model you have but it may help in figuring things out...
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    how does the drain work in a pop up sink

    Hi everyone, been a while since posting. I saw this post and since the pup is up and we're camping i figured i'd snap a shot of my setup. In the couple of different pups we've had with a flip over sink, its always been the length of drainhose that causes the issue, here's how i solved it...
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    Can Anyone Recommend A Place To Get Carefree of Colorado Awning Parts?

    Try here... Select awnings from the drop down list, then choose from the list on the left in blue i.e carefree...then campout It gives you a list of parts. At the top click on "show diagram" and you can click on the # you...
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    Can Anyone Recommend A Place To Get Carefree of Colorado Awning Parts?

    I'm sure you've already seen the carefree breakdown from their site... ...and you've probably already got the part number, but in case you don't maybe try going in with the number and seeing what your local dealer can pull...
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    What kind to TV do you pull with?

    Chose a crew cab but its really an extended...
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    power vent cover

    We have the smaller one with our power roof vent. We run the fan all the time and haven't had a problem. It's been two seasons with it now.
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    One More Season in the PUP...Then Going to the Darkside

    Nice looking rig, we'll be going that way in a few years too.
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    Seams are "shedding"

    Just a guess but i'd assume, like you mentioned, it's some kind of seam sealer. I'd probably take a soft bristle scrub brush and scrub off whatever is left behind and re-seal. Ad
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    Should I silicone my lifter posts?

    I beg to differ Ghacker... Silicone spray lube on the lifter posts is perfectly fine, i'd strongly recomend it. It's probably one of the best lubes for metal on metal contact where you don't want a wet lube to attract dirt. Ghacker is right about part of it though, use a piece of cardboard...
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    What are these tubes?

    It's a pressure release, your right, but one end of the hose (or tubing if you like) is connected to a spigot at the top of the water tank, the other to the small screened hole on the outside of the pup, pictured above. Think of it this way, some pups have a the tank inside under the dinette...
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    How to know if battery is charging

    Hi Lisa, it's pretty easy to check. Plug the pup into shore power, and grab your multimeter. Turn the dial of the meter so that it points to the lowest DC voltage setting on the meter above 12 (most of the ones i've seen have a 20 volt DC setting). Touch the electrodes to the battery posts...
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    15 Amp Service will my camper run on that?

    I think "theman" is right on here. What he and Phipps above are alluding to is if your plugged into shore power then all the power should be coming from the converter, not the battery. When your plugged in (shore), the converter will charge the battery. It will also convert the 120 volt down...
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    Viking Questions for Pop Up Drain Line

    Hi Lizk, and Sandy, welcome to the portal. Are you asking about the drain line for a fresh water tank, or the drain for the sink? From what i've seen with vikings, and it depends on the age of the pup and model, the fresh water tank, if mounted underneath the pup, has a spigot attached to it...
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    Propane Tank Mount

    Just so there's no confusion if in the future someone is looking through this post, the pics i posted above are two single tank mounts, side by side.
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    Propane Tank Mount

    The dealer where i bought is has gone the way of the dodo...there's two other dealers on my way home, i'll have a look. In the meantime, i came across this thread from Someone built there own.

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