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    Thetford C2 cartridge toilet issue

    Thank you for your insight. I’ll have a look in the next few days.
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    Thetford C2 cartridge toilet issue

    Yes there is water in the main tank. I only put water in the top cartridge.
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    Thetford C2 cartridge toilet issue

    Yes. The top one I’ve filled. There is a clear tube to the right that shows the water level I assume. That is fiiled just below the top. Mine is the same just different color caps. electric pump
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    Thetford C2 cartridge toilet issue

    By following the directions in the old manual for this 1996 Jayco 1406, I’ve got the toilet tank filled and ready to go. Except that when I turn the large dial to open the flap and depress the dial to rinse the bowl, no water enters the bowl. The unit makes sounds when the dial is depressed so I...
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    BearCreek Canvas

    I just put a new canvas up from Bear Creek as well. Did it by myself and it looks great!
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    New forum member from MA

    Hi Everyone, New to PUP camping. Rehabbing a Jayco 1406 (1996). Just put on new Bear Creek canvas and it looks amazing. (Photo is during the canvas install process.) Original canvas was moldy and chewed up. Intend to repaint cabinets and put in new floor next. Love this camper and enjoy...

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