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    Reserving Multiple Campsites

    Our neighbors this week reserved three sites for two campers, leaving the site in the middle empty for all their toys and such. Everything is put away in the photo but they had Thad a "bouncy house" and a kiddie pool set up in those space.
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    ??? Campground Theft, How Often ???

    I have the decal. It helps but doesn't cure the problem.
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    ??? Campground Theft, How Often ???

    The Watchdog has a metal loop as well. I probably need to look into a cable lock.
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    Hi Everyone,my name is Joe Guttieri

    Greetings! Welcome to the forum from Midway USA.
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    ??? Campground Theft, How Often ???

    We have a travel trailer so more secure than a Pup, but as others have said the only thieves we've encountered were raccoons. I'm a little uneasy though about our Power Watchdog EMS. The box has a pretty bright light that sticks out like a sore thumb at night so I usually put a trash bag over...
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    Reserving Multiple Campsites

    We stay almost exclusively in state park/COE campgrounds so we've never felt the need. We normally enjoy chatting with our campground neighbors and have made some new friends in the process.
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    Greetings! Welcome to the forum from Midway USA.
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    Hello From Phoenix, AZ

    Greetings! Welcome to the forum from beautiful Lake Pomona in Vassar, Ks.
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    Prosthetic toe

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    Help - Anode Rod

    When you replaced the gas line did you reroute it so you're not faced with the same problem next time?
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    Open & Shut Valve replacement for water tank on 2014 Forrest River Viking 10

    If it looks like this, it's a piece of cake. Unscrew the old valve and screw in the new one. On our camper the valve broke off so I had to wedge a big screwdriver (I think) or something similar into the hole where what was left of the old valve so I could unscrew it. I had to cut off the...
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    Window ac

    We had a floor model AC with our PUP. I would set it up on the counter and it would freeze you out.
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    Go or stay home

    Go! You can stay home anytime.
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    Hi all, Help!!

    You might give a call to eTrailer.
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    Livin' that Socal life!

    Greetings! Welcome to the forum from Midway USA.