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    Brakes. Driving correctly

    Once the clutch pedal is up with the manual shift transmission in gear, there is no added wear on the transmission. Engine compression will help limit speed gain on down hills and will reduce the amount of limitation the friction brakes have to apply to maintain that same limit were the brakes...
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    What will they think of next?

    When? 19th or 25th of last month could have been me.
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    What will they think of next?

    Be careful what you wish for..... The expenses on my "classic" are quickly approaching, if they haven't already exceeded, that $50k amount. And the car is assessed and insured at a value of $12k. And it's out of commission, again. (this time for front drive constant velocity joints) The hours...
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    Virginia to Mt Rushmore 2022 - 4th of July

    The 'campground' at Pactola was a huge disappointment. There's a thread on camping in a parking lot, and that's EXACTLY what my site was: I had two adjacent car parking spaces in a section of ten spaces. The amenities as listed on the web site are: "Facilities include a full service marina with...
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    Coleman Colorado Road Cover

    I hadn't thought of that maybe a ratchet strap isn't a bad idea. Rubber shock cords isn't enough to stop ballooning, I had tried that too. I had used fiberglass driveway marker poles, first with two parallel as Coleman poles go, but I still had pooling between the pole supports and the round...
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    Coleman Colorado Road Cover

    Do the poles under the road cover help limit the ballooning effect? I can see over mine when stationary, but the low pressure region created by the tow car lifts the cover enough that I've installed a rear view camera. I don't currently have the cover poles, had tried some home-made ones that...
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    Are pop ups a dying breed?

    Must have been an east-coast thing..... I'm two day's into my* trip to the Black Hills and I don't see a similar percentage of folding trailers as were seen in the maritimes. I have seen a higher than expected percentage of Airstreams, not the Avion and others, but honest-to-goodness Airstreams...
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    1-2-Both-Off or 1-2-Off Battery Switch

    I need to ask the reasoning for this advice. I have two propane tanks. I drain one and then switch. I had a truck with dual fuel tanks. I drained one then switched. Why would I not run one battery down to it's lower safe state of charge, then switch to the other? I could then charge the low...
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    Took the Leap on a Casita

    We are appreciating our Casita, yet I also miss the simplicity of a pop-up. I chose to not have to choose, see my signature.
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    Are pop ups a dying breed?

    Maybe it's simply that this thread has been in my subconscious, but I've been struck by the appearance of a higher than previously recognized percentage of pop-ups on our current trip* through eastern ME, NB and PQ. Just an east-coast thing? *"our", meaning "we" and in the Casita.
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    End of box bending out from weight on bed

    Frank, The downward load on the bunk is cantilevered outward. As it presses at an angle down and back against the factory diagonals it pulls at the top of the box end wall. It can't be helped. It's the design. However, you can, as I did, change that design by adding a second pair of diagonal...
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    TV tire pressure - over-inflated by tire shop

    Not what you can see, but it does have a great effect on the contact patch. Less pressure puts less of the load on the center of the tread contact. This condition has a greater tendency for hydroplaning. More pressure puts more of the load on the center, less on the sides. The chance of...
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    TV tire pressure - over-inflated by tire shop

    True. The door jamb sticker is valid for the tires the vehicle manufacturer installed. Not necessarily true. Some tires have different construction and different maximum cold inflation pressure ratings even though they are the same nominal size and have the same load rating at those different...
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    Campground on the North East Coast?

    Shameless plug for Megunticook in Camden ME. I don't know if they have fc/fs, but if they have a site available, you can rent it. Is that close enough to fc/fs? Good luck with snagging ANY fc/fs site on the coast. It'd be a long drive to find out the...
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    ATV or powered trailer dolly to park camper?

    My Bolens garden tractor does the job(s): mowing, snow throwing, leaf sweeping, trailer parking. It's shorter than a 4x4 (6x6 also, obviously) and has a smaller turning circle for better maneuvering. A garden tractor is worth considering.