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    Making my Grand Caravan a TV

    Switchout the rear shocks to Monroe Sensatrac shocks, no matter what.
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    Lets Talk Tires...

    Another factor to consider are highway potholes that have edges...
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    Is popup setup any easier now?

    Went to an A-frame style popup awhile back, mainly for the ease of setup and takedown. I remember having to pull out beds that sometimes stuck, and then having to lift them to put the support poles into position. Even the memories are painful. Well, we were having considerations for the...
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    microwave moved while in transit

    The door of our microwave was occasionally not closing fully, so I figured pulling the microwave would be easy and quick. Well, the grille cover has 4 steel arms that extend back and attach to the rear screws of the microwave. That effectively keeps it in place, and the foam underneath it act as...
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    Aliner- how do i change a tire

    I would have ordered new tires on new steel rims. Steel does not need super torqued like aluminum. Easiest way to upgrade. Good luck, and enjoy your camper.
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    AC, Furnace, Cool Cat

    3 years ago, I wondered about the Coolcat when I bought the FR Aframe, and I have learned to appreciate it greatly. I keep the output vents angled to blow the air upwards, and the air temp is fairly even throughout the camper with the fan running full-time. If you are sleeping under the rear...
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    New Owner Used Chalet

    You have the right temperament for these things. They do require some "fix this and fix that", but they do work fine overall!
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    How about the dormers?

    I think I would like those hard sided dormers, too! How about those gas struts shown in the pics? Can you feel them really helping? Thanks.
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    First Trip in my new Aliner

    Very good report! Grade A! [:D] Enjoy your camper and camping and biking! [:D]
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    How about the dormers?

    I am wondering how lucky folks with the new dormer openings are liking them. In all honesty, a former "regular popup" had canvas windows, and they offered very little insulation from both temperature changes and campground noises. The "regular A frame" does provide much better insulation all...
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    Hey there Aframe lovers!

    I think I have seen a pic of that "front porch", although maybe described as a storage area. I have thought it would be cool for a small porch or patio use. Enjoy your camper! :smiley:
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    How about ticks this year?

    I am seeing more ticks this year, in the woods, and even on my shirt. So, I have a couple of questions. Are you seeing more ticks this year? Are more ticks around when logging has just taken place in the woods? Are there less ticks in camping areas that are not in the woods?
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    What are you towing with?

    Many combinations work fine on flatlands, but, if you are going to cross mountains, everything becomes more demanding. The powertrain, cooling system, suspension, and braking system are all forced to work harder.
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    first time towing advice

    Stop and fill up with fuel as often as needed. Better than running out of fuel.