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    Are manufacturers still building hybrids

    They build what they can sell that turns the most profit. Right now you have a lot of non knowing folks paying inflated prices for 30 footish stick and tin POS TTs that will not make it until the loans are paid off. Or they're buying the largest 5th wheel or toy hauler they can't really afford...
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    Water Tank Fix

    Not going to work, and if it does it will only work as a bandaid and not long term, the tank and fitting are MDPE. Nothing bonds to MDPE. You can not spin weld a fitting back into the same location and even if you could it would require removing the tank for access and buying a special collet...
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    Bear w/ me...

    Perhaps those Grizzlies have became "woke". They woke up to the fact that an influx of Covidiots into their habitat makes for an easy and tasty breakfast.
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    Dealer prep fees?

    Yes they did, it just wasn't broke out as a line item, they're not in business to do stuff for free. It's not unlike buying the RV show super special from a dealer at some show in a convention or expo center. It's always more that you would of paid off the lot. They do not pay for the expensive...
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    Boondocking in Pennsylvania

    I've camped on a few of those sites years ago. Although that map is a great tool it does not tell the entire story. A lot of the sites you would need 4WD and super high ground clearance to get any type of trailer into the site if it accommodates a trailer, in the first place, a good number of...
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    Camping Safety.

    That might ricochet off the bears forehead only pissing him off lol. You'll shoot your eye out, you'll shoot your eye out.
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    Camper shortages?

    Shortages huh? Welcome to 2021. Not just campers. Warning.................this is a rant. Crazy times we live in suckers..............I see the entire house of cards soon to come crashing down, and none of this foolishness will matter then. Campers nor none of this will matter when you're...
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    Why is my ball getting mangled?

    Indeed! That'll do it.
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    Nada values

    Good Sam = Camping World = Marcus Lemonis AKA the profit. I bet they/He values it at 7-8K LOL..............Would throw it on the lot at $15K or more. That guy and his business/s are special.
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    Nada values

    They buy them at auctions all the time to put out on the used lot. Low mileage late models. No laws against it.
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    Nada values

    ROFLMAO....... 2017 Roo 23 WS. $19750.00 low retail $23800.00 average retail Gallon of gas $3.27 Pound of crappy bacon $7.50 Ribeyes $14.00 lb $9.00 2x4's Come on man. Great times we live in. In next to new condituon, progressive EMS, added fresh water capacity to 90 gallons, a ton of other...
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    Gizmos are very dissapointing!!!

    They do degrade over time due to UV exposure. My gizmos do not gizmo like they used to gizmo but they've been used at least 60 days/nights per year for 7-8 seasons. Perhaps it's time to think about a new set.
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    Brand new Coachmen Clipper Missing Door Key

    At least one would think so but in the real world they could care less also, maybe less than the dealer. Still worth a try I guess. I doubt they even have a record of the key code. On our 17 Roo the key code for the door lock/deadbolt is not listed on the build sheet, every other lock b is the...
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    Dometic 3 way fridge overheated now not working

    Look for a small glass fuse on the control board and check it. .5 amp IIRC