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    Using a Drill on the Tongue Jack

    In the upper bay of the fridge vents. I attached a rack-clip to the sidewall and once the handle was in, I use some wire to make sure the handle wouldn't pop out of the clip.
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    August 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Did a major mod the the 3-Way fridge control. In their infinite wisdom, Dometic really didn’t do a good job labeling the temperature control. On the right side is a little arrow which is marker for the where to set the temperature. It’s 1/2 under the dial and hard to see. To compound the...
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    August 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Got a lot done this weekend to prep for my upcoming trip. One big thing was to fix the outside shower. The problem was the cold water knob wasn’t working. I got the unit removed and disconnected the feed lines. Both knobs had a very small washer inside and I could see the one for the cold...
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    Fleetwood Niagara Toilet Leak

    Are you using a Inline Water Pressure Regulator?
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    Ever Have One of Those Days ?

    Sometimes it feels just like this:
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    Buying a used popup out of state questions

    @freshme4t I would assume the process is the same but you could always stop by a Best Auto Tags to confirm.
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    Grand Canyon Vandalism: 2 Men Sought by National Park Service

    @Wakita46 for what they did or for showing them the quickest way to access the Colorado River. [}:)][LOL]
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    Dinette gap

    @jmkay1 Check your photos. Over the years I've taken photos of just about every square inch of my camper. Maybe you got a shot of your slide without meaning to.
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    Dinette gap

    @Coleman403 look to see if you have any glue residue, not only on the slide-out, but on the camper sidewall. My thought is that both had a rubber seals on them so, it was rubber seal on rubber seal. I'm thinking that because the gap you described looks a little big for the seal to be on just one...
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    Dinette gap

    I believe there should be a seal strip along the edges of the slid. Due to the age of the camper, those strips may have degraded and/or a previous owner removed them. Not having a slid, I can't be 100% sure but one of our members with a similar unit should chime-in soon.
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    Grand Canyon Vandalism: 2 Men Sought by National Park Service

    If I had seen this, I would have pointed out to them that there's a special rock at the bottom of the canyon, right below them, where they could leave their mark. ;)
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    Raising the Roof

    I saw a little old lady setup her Aliner, by herself, in about 5 minutes.
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    Hello for Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

    Welcome to PopUpPortal! Getting up to Newfoundland and Labrador has been on my bucket list for years. For some reason I got it in my head that I need to see L'Anse aux Meadows. Maybe I was a Viking in a past life.
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    Thetford Cassette Toilet Issue

    I'm hoping that with the scope and a claw, I can get it at the exit hole.