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    Looking for a summer camping destination and thought about the Ozarks. Any recommendations?
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    What's my pop-up worth?

    Hope this is an ok forum to put this in. I didn't see another one that fit. Anyway. I think I am going to sell our popup but have no idea what price to put on it. I know it varies widely by area of the country, but what do you think? 1999 Coleman Niagra. It is in campable and towable condition...
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    After 5 years....

    Well, after 5 wonderful years of camping with our 1999 Coleman Niagra, we have bought our first travel trailer. We pick up our new Braxton Creek Free Solo FAM next Friday. No more worrying about the tent being wet when putting it up. That was the one thing I did not like about the popup. We...
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    1999 Coleman Niagara rear bike rack

    My pup has a 2" receiver that I assume is factory on the back of the camper. I have a slip style sway bar on the front. Before I bought the anti-sway bar the pup would sway at speeds over 60. With the bar, it is rock solid even at 80. Do you think it's safe to put a bike carrier back there for 2...
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    1999 Coleman Niagara Awning repair

    My bag awning fell off the camper this weekend. The thread holding the bag to the rubber strip finally gave up the ghost. The bag and the rubber strip are fine. We rarely used the awning as it seemed to be more trouble than it was worth. For the most part it is in very good shape, but the poles...
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    How far have you towed your camper for a trip?

    We did Nashville, TN to Custer state park in SD. 1270 miles one way. We left Thursday night and got there on Saturday. Coming home we left on Thursday morning and got home Friday afternoon. We are doing it again this year except we are leaving on on Friday morning and getting there on Saturday...
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    Setting up for just a night on road trips

    We did two one night stops on the way to South Dakota and one one night stop on the way back, three total. It takes us about 20 minutes to have it up and the air conditioner running ready for sleep. We don't bother to hook up water or get camp chairs out. We are just there to sleep enough to get...
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    Is your camper for sale?

    When I was looking for a pup we did stop at a couple of places to ask if their pup was for sale. Both of those were places we passed frequently and noticed that the pup had not been moved in several months. Both times we were told no. But it never hurts to ask.
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    South Dakota

    We LOVED the gamelodge campground in Custer state park.
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    Where does your dog ride?

    Thanks for the answers. Our dog is probably going to be riding in the back. But it will be in a crash tested kennel that is designed for truck use. Probably a Gunner G1 kennel.
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    Where does your dog ride?

    Anyone use a kennel in the back of the truck for their dog? I know hunters use them all the time but it just makes me nervous having her back there in the summer heat. Our new lab puppy is outgrowing the inside of the truck. There is just not room for her plus the four of us so we need to figure...
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    TN to SD and back

    It was an awesome trip. We took 3 days to get there and 2 days to get back. Kids were great the entire trip. The weather was perfect. The only thing that went wrong was a leaky propane regulator. Luckily there was a camping world in Rapid City so we were able to get a replacement. This was our...
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    Is this doable?

    We just took a trip to South Dakota from TN which was 1296 miles one way. We took three days getting there and two coming back. It was a lot of sitting up and taking down but it was doable. For the one night stays we did not unpack much at all and only hooked up electricity. We have a 9yo and 15 yo.
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    Need suggestions for next Summer's trip

    We are finishing up our stay in Custer State park in South Dakota and loved it. Anyone have any suggestions for something similar? Preferably within 1200 miles of Nashville, TN?
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    POLL / PETS do you camp with or without them

    We have never taken pets with us before but we took our 8 week old Lab with us this past weekend. That was a LOT of work. We plan on taking her from now on though as long as it is not a long trip.