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    Are pop ups a dying breed?

    I think they are slowing down right now. Less profits for rv manufactures and not all the features for the buyers. But I think there will be a resurgent as fuel gets more expensive due to world wide carbon taxes, increase world oil usage and limited supply of oil. Fuel sipping cars and EV...
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    2022 Fall Rally Pymatuning State Park

    We just booked site 218
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    2023 Spring rally Western PA

    Joyce and I are planing to attend.
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    Buying a used popup out of state questions

    We bought two popups out of state in MS and MI and a boat in PA. I found my DMV was a wealth of knowledge. They were able to tell me what I needed in each state. Each state has different rules. And the rules of the State of sale must followed, not the rules of the State you are bringing it to...
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    Price of Propane

    Last week I topped off a 35 gallon tank with 15.5 gallons at tractor supply. They were asking 3.95/gallon but a competitor was at 3.29 and they matched the price.
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    Parking Lot Camping

    We have been pulling a camper since 1987. We have stayed at one Walmart, never again too bright from the lights and cars coming and going. We stayed at less than 10 other parking lots in our 35 years. Not what I consider a goodnight rest.
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    Battery type

    Do you have a furnace, elec water pump, fridge. From what you said a group-24 is what I would get.
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    Parallel wiring using larger jumper post?

    I bought short "00" cables with eyelet on both end on Amazon. Also I bought battery post connectors that has the stud so I could add more eyelets
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    1st trip disaster

    I'm on a trip and amp planning next week to do fist come first serve at Shenandoah np big medow cg. But I have plan to stop at first come spots before and the day before seen them disappear. It always seems to be in the first few week of the opening date. I now make it a point to call ahead.
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    Diesel Idling

    I don't get it?? I have a Cummings. I look in the Cummings owners manual they recommend not idling for more then a few minutes. They even have a fast idle selection on my cruse that takes it from about 700 rpms to about 1,000 rpm. What cumming says is at the lower idle there is to much fuel...
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    Let's talk about Knee pain. Anybody else?

    Im catching up to you Don. Every day I have pain just part of getting old. My major pain is in my right ankle. It comes and go's. I can be just taking a step and get a pain that when I was younger would have drooped me to the ground. The pain will last for just one step or up to 1/2 hour...
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    Gas prices

    Back to fuel prices, Around here prices are down by about 0.70 from the peak 10-15 days ago. It around 3.72/gal
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    The wait is almost over

    That one thing I don't miss from when I lived in upstate NY. We still get snow, but not like you Upers
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    The wait is almost over

    Im pulling it out in two weeks. Hope to camp late march or early arpil to shake out the cobwebs. Then we are off for Easter with DD in NC and then Cap Hatteras or Shenandoah NP. Im so tired of being in the house.