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    Bugs on my tires

    I keep finding these dead bug carcass stuck on the side of my camper tires. Knocked one off last weekend, and while loading up the camper I noticed another one today. Haven’t seen any inside yet. Anybody know what it is ?
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    August 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Started prepping the camper for this weekend trip. Local. Only a hour away. And just me and my bride. Looking forward to it!
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    Welcome from Pittsburgh
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    2023 Spring Rally PA/OH

    Consider joining us at Mosquito lake
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    August 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    No skeeters. Allegheny river campground. Roulette PA. Potter county
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    Welcome from Pittsburgh
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    July 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Changed the oil on the tow vehicle and started prepping the camper for next weekend trip
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    We're New at This!

    Where’s your first trip going to be at?
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    Thanks for excepting me.

    Welcome from Pittsburgh
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    We're New at This!

    Welcome from Pittsburgh
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    What does the "CP" stand for in Utah CP

    I had a Utah CP. the cassette potti. Is easy and works great!
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    SEWER Rally 2022 10/6/22- 10/10/22

    Not going to make it this year Darrin, daughter decided to come home that weekend and the wife and her are going to look at wedding dresses. So I’m grounded in PA. Now. Out voted!
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    2022 Letchworth State Park Rally

    Will look in my stuff. I may have a extra not sure