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    Quick opinions needed - which PUP!

    Sorry....must have missed he already bought it. Op. Gl with that trailer and tv combo
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    Quick opinions needed - which PUP!

    I'm with dzia. Sorry to break your bubble, but fwiw, those trailers are too heavy. By the time you load up the tow vehicle and the trailer you will be at max (if not over weight). Your highlander is a 4banger with a small battery, what do you realistically expect to tow?!?!. I had an...
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    Very simple explanation of proper tongue loading

    This also pertains to rear bike carriers. Unless you can counterbalance the weight over the hitch end to compensate,
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    Does this count as going to the dark side?

    Very sweet.....above my price range starting at 46k usd. Geez louise!! How old is this brand to find a used one. It would be hard to go for an older trailer as I have a 2015
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    Charging battery

    X2 --- you never know if you're gunna get in the electrical pooper
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    Brake Controller Required?

    My mistake, sorry. I thought I saw pix of a Flex with the f150 controller. I had an oem trailer pkg installed on mine, but had to add my own controller. The tekonsha would be superior anyways, but the oem is a cleaner look in the cabin
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    Brake Controller Required?

    Oem tow pkg these days that doesn't include a controller?! So stupid!! Even my ford flex has an oem one
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    Premium gas?

    An option. "Premium fuel is recommended for best overall vehicle and engine performance", BUT regular is fine as power output is lessened by the engine mgmt system. So I have 350hp instead of the 365hp. I think my wife is fine with that lol
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    Wrapping in plastic wrap?

    Moisture trap inside, adco cover with 5 pool noodles under the cover for air flow
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    Premium gas?

    In our ecoboost (3.5L), we run regular for normal around town driving, but if we're gunna tow, run premium a week before. It's OK to run regular, the engine just detunes itself. Not paying for premium if we don't have to > $1.70 per liter ($6.80 per gallon)
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    Let Me Level With You

    Anderson leveler ftw!!
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    Camping Spirits

    I sometimes also partake in some weed if someone else has it. Edibles are waaaay too sketchy.....never know when they're gunna hit. My wife likes the idea, but she doesn't want to smoke it so......
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    Camping Spirits

    Don't drink much during the day as I'll need a nap. Come 3ish tho, Miller highlife, then will switch to Caesars, then vodka highball for the rest of the evening. Sometimes bourbon, but apparently I get a little rowdy on maker's lol
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    Would we miss having a highwall pup?

    I looked at a highwall camping one time, and I figured the juice wasn't worth the squeeze with the added weight. Being outdoor campers, the trailer is just a rolling bed. Sure, put the stove dwn.....whoopdy doo. Does the highwall have that much more storage? More money, more weight...
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    Propane refrigerator gas smell

    Getting the same burnt propane smell with my fridge......did replacing the jet work etc.?