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    Tow Capabilities

    That's a great! My $999.00 Sears riding lawn mower can tow my JayCo around the yard. Yet I would be remiss if I thought I could STOP the JayCo if we were going downhill or I had to make a controlled stop. Sure, I could make a controlled crash stop by jamming the lawn mower under the JayCo...
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    With all the bear talk, are mountain lions forgotten?

    --All too many times 'we' bring the threat upon ourselves. Several years ago, at Lake Moomaw my go-to campground, there were two adjacent campsites continuously littered with trash and unprotected food left out day and night. The anything but odoriferous perfume was pungent and wafted easily...
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    Why the Covid Restrictions is a crock

    ---I have not entered any discussion in a while as there are so many good members already providing fantastic information and camping insight that I can only appear redundant. Good people, good information and discussion. Great comments on this subject too. . . .and it has forced me out of my...
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    Virginia Pop-Ups Unite!

    Well maybe it might be a good way to meet some of the neighbors and check out some of that nifty equipment of yours. Think you'd like some company? MrsSquid? RVACampCouple? HVAC1877? Thoughts?
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    Virginia Pop-Ups Unite!

    Thanks. I guess all the fuss is about irresponsible novices tearing up and absconding with everything. Still, I would feel that any recovered history is better than history lost forever to corrosion or erosion. For me, if I were allowed to explore more, I'd be thrilled just to have my 'find'...
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    Virginia Pop-Ups Unite!

    GREAT - but we'll be on the road to Yellowstone. Westmoreland is absolutely on my to-do list. I really want to find some Megalodon shark teeth at Fossil Beach. No other park I know about allows people to keep the fossils they find. I stopped there once but did not camp. Looks great. --I...
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    Did you camp with your parents as a kid?

    We like your 'style' too! . . .a long - lonnnnnng time ago, Field & Stream had a writer named Corey Ford. He wrote 'Letter to a Grandson (or Across the Years).' Ever read it? Cool: It's only scary if reading it gets you...
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    Did you camp with your parents as a kid?

    I hiked small sections, but that only increases the itching. Someday I'll try the whole enchilada. In the meantime, my DW flaunts murder mysteries haunting the AT in an attempt to keep me on a tighter leash ;). She says, "64 is too old o_O." In 1955 Grandma Gatewood walked the entire length...
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    Did you camp with your parents as a kid?

    Wow :eek:. Never thought about that:oops:. I can't remember a day I was not camping, hiking or hunting, but NEVER with my family. As a family we once rented a hard sided trailer on the beach at Cape Cod once (yep - it was really a long time ago!). I don't know where the bug came from but...
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    Things you wish you knew before your first PUP?

    We've never been 'luxury' campers. Uncrowded lakes, few amenities, no crowds and quiet. . . . Fishing, hiking, kayaking and exploring are the sole entertainments we seek (oh yes, and food, OHH, the FOOD!!!![:P]). We started with a big popup and downsized each time over the decades. We now...
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    Packing syrup

    I second that as well. I gave up stuffing my cooler with partial bottles of ketchup, mustard, mayo, syrup & more and order my camping supplies from Slightly more costly, but when room for ice is primo, these offer relief, not just neatness. They sell any quantity, are single...
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    Picture Lake CG

    By all means get the book! Like I said earlier, I wish I read the book along side a map and plotted the well presented plans of the war. Enjoy the trip and YEP! 6-nites is a GREAT start! Great setup too!
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    Picture Lake CG

    Since you are new to the portal, and I didn't want you to miss an opportunity which may not be offered by Apple for long. . . . Did you have the chance to check out the free download of Gods & Generals I mentioned earlier?
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    Picture Lake CG

    No better way to get an eduction! Some wonderful areas to visit and great in-person experiences for everyone. Enjoy! --Hey! I buy audio books for my longer trips. Have you listened to (or read, depending upon your age [LOL]) Jeff Shaara's book, "Gods and Generals: A novel of the Civil War."...
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    What do you tow with?

    . . .Five pages of responses primarily from people with pop-ups in 'Pop-Up Portal.' Go figure. . . [LOL]?! [2C]: Yep, I'm guilty [:!]. I can't speak for Rinstah; only for my contribution offering him assistance. Neglecting any wind friction coefficient, finding a consensus for reliable...

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