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    Reserving Multiple Campsites

    I'll admit to playing tent games. A few years ago we had reservations at a campground a county away that didn't reserve specific sites. You got what you got when you got there. I booked one day earlier than when I knew the crowds would show. I put a small tent in my motorcycle saddlebag and...
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    ??? Campground Theft, How Often ???

    I use a gun cable lock through the handle of my Camco Power Defender. I usually secure it around the conduit running the up pedestal. If I can't do that, I run the cable through the handle and then wrap it around the TT power cord a time or three. The plug is too large to come through the...
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    Reserving Multiple Campsites

    I have seen 4 campers on 8 sites. They do it every year for a week in October. They set up a haunted house and party tent on the 4 empty sites in the middle.
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    Spare Parts

    Wheel bearings, seals, and grease or perhaps one of the hub kits with greased bearings and a seal already installed.
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    It's the same with storms and rain. When have a metal roof on the house. When she hears rain, she thinks thunder is coming and stresses.
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    We have a boxer. She doesn't do well with fireworks. When we camp at the beach in SC, she equates darkness to fire works. As soon as the sun goes down she starts to stress regardless of whether there are any fireworks being set off or not.
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    ??? Campground Theft, How Often ???

    I see little need for a hitch lock at a PUP campsite. I don't the a thief breaking camp and folding down a trailer.
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    Dometic water heater, doesn't use an anode rod?

    It's true, a Dometic aluminum tank doesn't use or need a rod. They don't rust. My TT is a 1995 with a aluminum Atwood WH. It's still going strong. No anode.
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    ??? Campground Theft, How Often ???

    I have never had a problem. I know 2 or 3 people who have had Yeti coolers stolen in recent years. Honestly, I could have predicted that because they said Yeti on the side. I doubt if a Coleman would have gotten taken.
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    "Burning in brakes"

    Bendix says to burnish here:
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    "Burning in brakes"

    Many vendors, garages, and other experts recommend a process of bedding brakes. The last performance pads and rotors I bought came with instructions on the process. I wouldn't worry about bedding brakes on a trailer. p, If you have zero braking when you apply the brakes manually, you either...
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    Go or stay home

    Storms don't equal a washout...Go camping.
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    My portable AC keeps tripping the breaker

    Does the AC work when plugged in to 110?
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    Help - Anode Rod

    If it is stuck enough that I need to stand on the wrench, I am breaking out the impact gun.
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    Ramada?????? Info

    I am sure they can. You will probably have to send them to a specialty house. Corner garages quit relining decades ago. 20 years ago, I bought a relining machine from a government auction. It was probably from about 1950. It came with relining material and rivets. It basically did the...