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    2021 Towing Miles

    I did the math for my primary TV for the year. I only drove it 8900 miles. 2800 were towing the TT. 1100 were towing the boat. 100 or so were towing a dump trailer. I think that works out to about 45% of the annual miles being with something on the hitch. It's a one ton truck. I could get...
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    Water damage got you down?

    No problem. Just strip off the frame and make a couple of trips to the big box hardware store.
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    Shocking find.

    One of my trucks has been riding rough for a while. Not hard to diagnose when you crawl under the truck and find rust holes in the shock absorbers. One was completely broken in two. All that held it together was the rubber boot. They were 11 years old with about 80k miles. Those shocks...
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    Out with the old. In with the new.

    After unwinterizing my TT, I discovered the toilet would no longer hold water. Rather than putting a seal kit in my old plastic toilet, I elected to put in a much nicer China bowl model. There was nothing too hard beyond changing the flange in the floor and making a Pex extension for the...
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    It might not be camping...

    Its 22 degrees outside. The wind is howling. We got a few inches of snow last night. The TT was in the backyard and already plugged in. Seemed like a good time to fire up the furnace, put a frozen pizza in the oven, and watch a little TV.
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    2020 year end miles towed

    One of my trucks adds up mileage for each trailer towed. I put 11500 miles on that truck this year. 2800 of those miles were towing the TT. 750 of them were towing the boat. I guess that's about 1/3 of the miles driven were towing.....I had hoped the TT miles would have been higher, but...
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    Little Red Campfire logs

    I have had a Little Red Campfire 4 or 5 years. I probably haven't used it in two years or so. It's been riding in the a storage compartment and been there for many thousand miles. I got it out a few days ago to use and noticed what looked like concrete dust under it. When I opened it up, I...
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    One cold fridge.

    About 3 this morning, I got up to get a drink. I took note of the fridge thermometer. This is on 110 and the fridge not on its coldest setting. No RV fridge complaints
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    Coleman stovesl....10 bucks each

    I picked a nice 425 and an ok 413G for ten bucks each today. The 413 even had a NOS pump repair kit in it. I couldn't pass them up for the price.
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    Coleman stove to match camper

    I have a 5 ft high stack of Coleman stoves, but couldn't pass up 2 for 10 bucks each. I wasn't looking for a project, but got one when oven cleaner ate the finish off the 3 burner. I stripped it to bare metal. Even then, the metal was rough. I painted it with hammerfinish silver to hide...
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    Flat today

    I checked my tires Thursday before leaving and found them ok. Fast forward 3 days and I was getting ready to hook up to head home. Found one tire completely flat. I had a spare but had a little time, so I pulled the flat and took it to a gas station. I pumped it up and soaped it. I couldn't...
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    Champion to the rescue

    Not camping....The power went out at about midnight tonight at my house. I could have gone to bed, but wasn't sleepy. I pulled out my Champion 3000W generator. It hadn't been ran in 3 years. I filled it and it took 1 pull and she was running. I was back to watching tv. [:D] Anytime...
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    coupler jumped ball

    I have had a 17.5 ft I/O bowrider boat 19 years and have towed it hundreds of times...Today I was headed up interstate at about 65 mph, when I crossed a bridge with a bump. I felt something, looked back and knew what it was. The boat was off the ball and riding the safety chains. It swayed a...
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    Camco - Great Service

    A couple of weeks ago, I bought a Camco 4 into 1 sewer elbow. The first time I used it, the tabs that hold it together sheared off. I figured it was just a waste if 10 bucks. Last night, I was surfing around and found an email address for the company. I shot them a 1 line email about the...
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    Moved on to an Airstream

    My Apache Roamer served me well for about 8 years, but it was time for me to move on and her to move on. It only took two days to find a new owner. I bought the Apache out of necessity of needing a light camper to pull with my 4 cylinder Toyota pickup. After years, I finally got a heavier tow...
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    Self storing cornhole boards.

    I've been getting some static to make a set of cornhole boards lately. I knew that as so as I made them, they would be suggested as a needed camping item, so I decided to make them as compact and trouble free as I could. I found the plans on how to make folding legs and copied that. However...
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    Made some bed end covers and solar window covers.

    I considered buying pre-made bed end covers, but decided to try and do it myself and save a few bucks. I saw members giving high ratings to the Cabela’s emergency blanket. I was skeptical about how durable they were and then figured if they really were durable, they would be bulky. I was...
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    Bought a Champion generator...

    For a year now, I have followed the generator threads and debated between going cheap on a Champion or spending big bucks on a Honda. I finally sat down and listed the pros and cons for my needs. I listed two areas home and camping: 1.) Home. I have a sump pump and wanted a generator for...
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    Halloween camping at Yogi's in Natural Bridge, Va.

    Heading out this weekend...10/23-10/25. We went last year and had a great time. Halloween camping is one of their most popular events. I made our reservations about a month ago and learned they only had 4 spots left when I called.
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    Apache Hardside Set Up

    In another thread, someone asked to see how an Apache's sidewalls worked. I promised pics. Here is the set up from start to finish for anyone interested. It takes 5-10 minutes. First, you crank up the roof. The side walls come up with the roof. There is a roller arm on each wall corner...