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  1. PopUpSteve

    Ever Have One of Those Days ?

    Sometimes it feels just like this:
  2. PopUpSteve

    Grand Canyon Vandalism: 2 Men Sought by National Park Service

    If I had seen this, I would have pointed out to them that there's a special rock at the bottom of the canyon, right below them, where they could leave their mark. ;)
  3. PopUpSteve

    Thetford Cassette Toilet Issue

    It seems the nozzle for the flush water has apparently slipped back into the casement. Here's what it should look like: I was thinking cutting away the top section to access the nozzle. The seat would still cover that section when in use. Thoughts? Options?
  4. PopUpSteve

    Parking Lot Camping

    I like to ask this question every now and then as times and people change. How do you feel about non-campground camping? By "non-campground" I'm referring to Interstate rest areas and places like Loves. I don't know if Walmart still allows parking lot camping because so many towns banned the...
  5. PopUpSteve

    Deer Warning Whistles

    @TSQ just posted a photo of a moose (didn't see his Squirrel friend) and it made me think (always dangerous), you know those deer warning whistles you can put on the front of a vehicle? Has anyone ever mounted those on a camper as well? Would have to find a spot on the camper that would get as...
  6. PopUpSteve

    New Jackery

    I could not resist the price on a Jackery Explorer 240 this past week on the Amazon Days. At $175 it was a real bargain. I tested it last weekend with the CPAP and charging my iPhone and got about 11 hours (I like sleeping in on Sundays) and still had 33% power remaining. If it had been a...
  7. PopUpSteve

    Need Your Prayers/Good Thoughts

    I’m not really a religious person, I try to be a moral person, help others and do what’s right. That being said, I need some help from those of you who have a closer relationship with God. I was on the phone this morning with my sister and she fell while walking down the hallway, she uses a...
  8. PopUpSteve

    Ordering Camping Stuff

    I just find this funny. In getting ready for a camping trip, I may find I need to order something for the camper (you know, that one item you can't live without). I may know that I need this item two weeks ahead of time but I always seem to procrastinate and before I know it, it's the Wednesday...
  9. PopUpSteve

    Using a Drill on the Tongue Jack

    With the success of using a drill to lower/raise the stabilizers, I figured I'd see what can be done with the tongue jack. First, I want to leave the crank handle on for several reasons. So it doesn't get lost. To allow me to make minor adjustments. Of course this means that there will be a...
  10. PopUpSteve

    The Helihome

    I Want One!
  11. PopUpSteve

    Spare Parts

    In prep for my next cross country trip, I've been packing my box of spare parts. Just wondering if anyone has some additional suggestions? Awning Ball Receivers Bungee Ends Hooks Bungee Under Bunk Hooks Camper Fuses Fuses for Tow Vehicle (in cabin & under the hood) Battery Fuse Solar Panel...
  12. PopUpSteve

    Reserving Multiple Campsites

    Have you ever thought of reserving the campsites on either side of yours to keep more distance between you and the next occupied campsite? Sometimes, the little guy in the red suit 👿 on my left shoulder will make a suggestion like this while the little guy in the white suit 😇 is in the bathroom.
  13. PopUpSteve

    Awning Weights

    I usually stake down my awning at the bottom of the poles and sometime do an extra tie-down, depending on the wind and ground conditions. This past weekend, I had to take-down in the rain so, I had to setup when I got home. That’s when realized, since I was on the driveway, I no way to secure...
  14. PopUpSteve

    G159 Tires Recalled

    Goodyear Knew of Defective RV Tires as Early as 2002 according to the Feds.
  15. PopUpSteve

    Installed Insect Screens on the fridge vents.

    I finally got around to putting the insect screens on the fridge vents. These are the Camco 42154 Flying Insect Screen for Dometic Refrigerator. They come 6 to a pack so 2 packs were needed. They were $13 when I bought them in 2019 and are now a lot cheaper, so get them while you can. Tools...
  16. PopUpSteve

    Camper Van Destroyed

    This couple had their adventure end before it even started. Both were very lucky to get out alive.
  17. PopUpSteve

    A Cautionary Tail

    My nephew, his wife, and her grand kids traveled from Alaska to Ohio late last week to pick up his new travel trailer (big thing with multiple slide-outs). The first night after taking delivery, they stopped at a KOA for the night and then drove to the local Walmart to stock up on supplies...
  18. PopUpSteve

    Memorial Day Weekend

    I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend. Be safe. So much evil in the world today. Cherish your loved ones. Be thankful for good days. Try to make the bad days better. Remember those who are no longer with us.