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  1. Campgrandma

    Replacing plastic door locks

    I have a 2004 Jayco HW. The plastic turn locks are riveted into the door frame. I need to replace one. I have the locks, but don’t know how to remove the current lock riveted in and replace it without damaging the door. Help please!
  2. Campgrandma

    Tips for modifying camper fo old dogs

    I have a Jayco HW, so my bunk ends are too tall for my 13 yo dog to get up. She can get on our slide out dinette benchs to sleep, but is wary of the slippery floors. I’m thinking of putting a rubber mat in the dinette floor to add traction. Anyone have examples of what you have done to make...
  3. Campgrandma

    Ordering PUG

    How do you order PUG?
  4. Campgrandma

    Checking unused brakes

    Pretty sure the previous owner never use the electric brakes on my 2004 Jayco Eagle select. What things do I need to do to check the brake system to make sure it’s fully functional before utilizing the brakes?
  5. Campgrandma

    Newbie question about needing trailer brakes

    Our 2004 Eagle Select has a GVWR of 3500 lbs. it does have electric brakes, but it towed just fine with our Toyota 4 Runner on its first voyage. Is it necessary to have the brakes hooked up to the TV, or can we pull it without the trailer brakes hooked up? We don’t plan to pull the trailer...
  6. Campgrandma

    Cleaning bunk end braces, inside canvas supports

    I have a 2004 Jayco Eagle select. The bunk end braces and canvas supports are oxidized and a little pitted. Not sure if they are aluminum or steel, but I would like to clean and possibly polish them. Has anyone done this and what product did you use?
  7. Campgrandma

    Jayco Eagle Select owners

    Have a 2004 Eagles select Highwall. Would love to share experiences with other owners of these type of campers.
  8. Campgrandma

    Replacing tires advice

    Wanting to replace the tires on my NTU Jaco Eagle Select Hw-2004. I’ve seen posts on Walmart and other places for tire replacement. The GVW on my PU is 3500 lbs. Can you please help in determining what replacement tires I should use? I would prefer a source that would replace the tires for me...
  9. Campgrandma

    Screen filter on water pump 2004 Jayco Eagle select

    On my NTU Jayco we tried to use the water pump to sanitize the the pipes. The pump turned on but wouldn’t pump. Looking at trouble shooting I saw the screen filter could be clogged. However, after looking all over the pump system on this almost 17 year old camper, I do not see a screen filter...
  10. Campgrandma

    Replace or refill propane tanks

    What should you do she propane tanks are empty? Do you go to a RV center to have refilled or is replacing the tank from a local store ok? Is there a difference between having the original tank refilled versus using a new tank from Walmart,etc?
  11. Campgrandma

    Hello from central Texas!

    Back in the pop-up world after 20 years since purchasing a NTU Jayco 2004 Eagle Select. The camper has some minor issues,but overall in great condition. So glad to have a great community as a resource for all my questions. I still find it amazing how much needed information is left out of the...