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    Bed Latch Barrel Slide Bolt

    My popup is missing a couple of those slide bolt type parts that hold the bed in place. I'm having a hard time finding these online. Probably because I don't know what the industry calls them. It's just he little locking mechanism on either side of the bed that keeps it from sliding back in...
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    Water Heater Tank - Relieve Pressure?

    For those of you that only drain your hot water tank once a year (I'm one of those), do you keep your tank pressurized between trips during the camping season, or do you use the pressure relief valve or some other method to relieve some of the built up pressure? I've been keeping it pressurized...
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    City Water Hookup While Closed

    Is it safe to hook up city water while the camper is closed? I was messing around with the exterior shower and in all the fuss I don't know if I closed the valves. I just want to verify everything is closed up so I don't forget to do it next time I go camping in 5-6 months.
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    Cable Fray - Broken Wires

    Ok, "fray" might be a strong word. But I noticed that the end of the lift cable (Goshen system) that stays wrapped around the winch has a few frayed or broken wires on that section. When I say wires, I mean the small wires which make up a strand, as part the 7 strand cable. If I run my finger...
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    Awning Pole Support

    Has anyone tried this with their poles? My pup doesn't have the socket brackets on the lower body for the poles to attach to. Speaking of which, are those pretty easy to install? Any guidance? Mostly concerned with things like screwing into the proper spot on the body (assuming you want to...
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    CO Carbon Monoxide Alarm

    After my recent trip I forgot to unhook the battery and about an hour or 2 after being parked in my garage the CO alarm started going off. It was the 4 beeps, 5 second pause, repeat pattern, which is the CO detection alarm. It's not the low battery alarm (battery tested at 12.8V). Any ideas on...