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    We camped at a state park this week from Thursday until today. This is our favorite place to camp. Right on the Illinois river. Yesterday a group of tent campers setup three sites away with five tents on the site. Later in the day I see small groups setting up Around the park. Well they all...
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    Where the heck have they been.

    So I just got back from a couple day camping trip. Small State Park campground in Illinois. My favorite place because we always book the river front spots and there are only 28 electric sites for campers spaced apart really nice. We go there a lot. So we walked around like we usually do. We saw...
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    Lithia Springs Lake Shelbyville.

    Camped here this week, This is a very nice place each loop has bathrooms and they are all flush toilets. Some have private shower toilet combos. We were on a peninsula over looking the water and no one on our door side just the lake. The staff was very friendly and they even come clean the ash...
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    Chicago RV and Camping show

    Went to the Chicago RV and camping show and only saw one pup. It was a Rockwood high wall. I don't understand it, lots of young families there that you would think would be interested in pups. Why wouldn't the dealers bring pups.
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    AE Travel Awn 2000

    Picked up a Travel Awn 2000 off facebook market place for 40 bucks. This thing is enclosed in an aluminum case and rolls out from there. It is in near perfect condition. Has anyone ever seen or had one of these. I know its old but i really like it. I am going to polish the aluminum case this...
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    New to me Rockwood XL

    picked this up for $400 bucks off Facebook. Interior is like new and AC works great. Exterior was dated and the roof side boards were shot. Rebuilt with Composite material we use on semi trailer doors. Installed some diamond plate to beef up the corners and for looks. Then prepped and shot an...
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    New member

    new member from Illinois. This is my second pop up and fourth camper. I picked this one up for $400 and redid the exterior and repaired the lift system. Canvas was perfect when i bought it. Roof would not go up so i could only peek inside. 1992 Rockwood XL. Before and after shots...