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  1. Campgrandma

    the one thing i hate about my popup

    That’s what we do too!
  2. Campgrandma

    Newbie from Floresville TX

    Welcome from Cibolo TX!
  3. Campgrandma

    Replacing plastic door locks

    Thank you! The one that is breaking is the one that hooks into the brace bracket while stored so we don’t have too much wiggle room for placement. Also need help on what to use to secure the new turn lock since a rivet doesn’t seem to be an option.
  4. Campgrandma

    Replacing plastic door locks

    I have a 2004 Jayco HW. The plastic turn locks are riveted into the door frame. I need to replace one. I have the locks, but don’t know how to remove the current lock riveted in and replace it without damaging the door. Help please!
  5. Campgrandma

    What do/did you folks do as your profession?

    Retired RN. Camping is and was my happy place from stress!
  6. Campgrandma

    First time pop up owners from Texas

    Hi and welcome from the San Antonio area! Check out 210 RV'rs on FB for a great forum!
  7. Campgrandma

    Poll: Food in the pup - What do you do?

    I'm in Texas, so no issues cooking in the pup. When we traveled to bear country we followed bear safety precautions.
  8. Campgrandma

    Which states have passes for disabled vets?

    In Texas any vet with 60% disability has free entrance to state parks.Does not have to be a Texas resident.
  9. Campgrandma

    Going Dark

    Congratulations! Making choices to continue enjoying the camping experience is the only thing that matters!
  10. Campgrandma

    Building a Bed Step

    You have enough room there to build a deep step with some storage space underneath. Just be sure to anchor the step to some side supports to keep it secure.
  11. Campgrandma

    Ice cooler usage 101

    I drink box wine. I save the bladders, rinse and fill with water and freeze in my fridge. Place one in the bottom of my cooler and one on top. Keeps everything cold over a weekend.
  12. Campgrandma

    Want to get into camping- the journey of picking a type of camper. Could use your help!

    The easiest set up is always a travel trailer. I'm 68, but I camp with my 36 yo son and his girlfriend in a big highwall popup. It takes the help of the young ones to set up. Chose a pop-up because we frequently have other family camping with us. If it's mainly you and your husband an an...
  13. Campgrandma

    Tips for modifying camper fo old dogs

    Thanks! Thinking rubber mats and removing the dinette so she can at least get to those seats or sleep on the floor there at night.
  14. Campgrandma

    Tips for modifying camper fo old dogs

    I have a Jayco HW, so my bunk ends are too tall for my 13 yo dog to get up. She can get on our slide out dinette benchs to sleep, but is wary of the slippery floors. I’m thinking of putting a rubber mat in the dinette floor to add traction. Anyone have examples of what you have done to make...
  15. Campgrandma

    Fast Turn Around

    Got mine super fast too!
  16. Campgrandma

    Hello from Texas

    Well come from a fellow Texan! Hi I have a Jayco Eagle select 12 Highwall.
  17. Campgrandma

    First time camper owner from Connecticut

    Welcome from Texas!
  18. Campgrandma

    Just Re-furbished Our 1999 Starcraft Stardust.....YouTube Presentation

    Looks pristene! What did you use to get the outside so clean!