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  1. sstressfl

    Goshen Cable Install Pop Up Camper | Rockwood 2280BHESP

    I've had some issues with my new 2280bhesp that have led to the need for a new cable already. This is the install process.
  2. sstressfl

    Camping in Maine! Hid'n Pines Campground at Old Orchard Beach

    The Maine Event! We stayed at Hid'n Pines Campground (complete with Navy-ship-clean bathrooms!!) ... walking distance to Old Orchard Beach! We stood on cliffs high above Casco Bay! Visited the LL Bean Headquarters. Ate Wicked Whoopies! Played a mean basketball game... Dads vs the kids. And went...
  3. sstressfl

    Camping Branbury State Park, Brandon, Vermont, Lake Dunmore

    Our FIRST 2021 camping trip! And our FIRST Off-grid camping experience! We hooked up the Rockwood 2280bhesp to our trusty minivan and headed through the woods and over the mountain to camp next to Lake Dunmore at Branbury State Park in Brandon, VT. Incredibly beautiful park!! And it was QUIET...
  4. sstressfl

    2019 Rockwood Manual Winch Install | Electric Winch Be Gone!

    If you remember, last summer while we were yard camping for a week, the electric winch started lifting our popup roof all on its own. It bent the winch mount, it ripped canvas from the roof... so to SAVE the week, I installed a local trailer winch which required a little cutting and a little...
  5. sstressfl

    LEAKING ROOF REBUILD! New Rockwood PopUp Camper Leaking EVERYWHERE!

    At the end of last year, I could see places on the roof that were leaking. Wood was getting wet and damaged. I wasn't surprised. This new Rockwood 2280bhesp had already proven to be assembled in a sloppy rush. And since I did not have good experiences with previous service visits, I decided to...
  6. sstressfl

    Popup Prep 2021 Ep 1 - Mouse Poop and a Customized Harbor Freight Trailer Dolly 22” Tall

    We were surprised to see so much mouse poop all around the popup this spring. But before we can have a look inside, I need to modify a new Harbor Freight trailer dolly so that it’s tall enough to safely reach our Rockwood 2280bhesp. My 9 year old daughter concepted the design. I did my best to...
  7. sstressfl

    Restoring a NEW 2280bhesp

    We bought our 2019 2280bhesp two summers ago. We truly enjoy it but it has terrible assembly quality. The snow finally melted, the popup is out of storage, and I am beginning a roof-rebuild project. Numerous points where the factory caulk has failed and we have numerous leaks. All hardware is...
  8. sstressfl

    Putting Away Our 2280BHESP for the LONG Vermont Winter

    2020 was insane.... yet... we had an amazing summer. A camping trip to Moose Hillock in NH followed by a whole bunch of yard camping. We spent so much time together as a family and we loved it. But winter is almost upon us here in rural Vermont and it's time to put the popup away before that...
  9. sstressfl

    QUITTERS!! The Final Verdict & Plans for Day 10 | Covid Yard Camping Day 9 of 10

    Day 9... Sunday. I went to church to run the streaming media server. When I got back home I could feel it. Something had changed. While I was gone our guests packed up their tent and headed home. The family watched the church service inside the house and afterward they didn't come back outside...
  10. sstressfl

    How To Seal a Leaking Roof Vent Fan on a PopUp Camper | Covid Yard Camping Day 8 of 10

    At 5 am, the rain was pitter pattering on the roof of the popup and my son worked to figure out how to catch the water dripping on his head with a cup (it was all he could find). My wife found him attempting to sleep in a ball at the end of his bed. And since the sun had not come up yet, they...
  11. sstressfl

    NEW GoPro 8! Hiked Mt Tom, Overnight Guests | Covid Yard Camping Day 7 of 10

    I picked up a new GoPro 8 (hard to find locally), but later learned it needed a Media Mod to use an external mic! We hiked a trail in Woodstock and got lost (sorta) but the Lord sent a guardian angel to guide our steps. A quick run to Best Buy on the motorcycle, followed by board games and the...
  12. sstressfl

    GoPro 7 Bottom of the Lake, Hiking, GORGEOUS Sunset | Covid Yard Camping Day 6 of 10

    Day 6 begins with Kayaking! As usual I used my GoPro suction cup to stick my GoPro 7 to the bow of my kayak! I must not have gotten a good seal when I attached it... moments later, I watched it slide into the lake. And there it rests, at the bottom of Silver Lake in Barnard, VT. A hopeless...
  13. sstressfl

    Bizarre Electric Winch Failure, PopUp Damage, Manual Winch Install | Covid Yard Camping Day 5 of 10

    Wow! I never liked the electric winch, but I never imagined it would launch its own attack. Massive all-day repair effort to save our at-home camping trip!
  14. sstressfl

    Swimming, Eating, Tossed Into Darkness, Tropical Storm Isaias | Covid Yard Camping Day 4 of 10

    We locked down the Popup, took down the canopies, and hid inside the house due to high winds from Tropical Storm Isaias! Good thing we did! Tornado warnings just south of us, 3 million homes without power. We lost power later in the day... and minutes later it was "Lord of the Flies" at our...
  15. sstressfl

    Covid Yard Camping Day 3 of 10 - We Found The BEST Bike Path in all of Vermont

    From our yard camping location in South Woodstock, Vermont we have sought safe outdoor in-state activities that the whole family can enjoy. We traveled north just over an hour away to check out the Stowe Recreation Path. Was it worth the drive? Oh yes indeedy
  16. sstressfl

    We Decided to Stay Home | Covid Yard Camping Day 2 of 10

    We are seriously having so much fun that its hard to find time to edit video! This is day 2. I got soooo caught up in prepping a new-used bike for our youngest that I never got to do much video recording. BUT, when I was done, we were ready for our BIG bike ride the next day! This is what...
  17. sstressfl

    We Decided to Stay Home | Covid Yard Camping Day 1 of 10

    My wife and I took vacation days. We planned a week in Maine near Popham Beach! But a spike in Covid cases followed by a tragic shark attack in Maine caused us to reconsider our plans. With all of us still recovering from a summer cold, we decided to play it safe and be responsible Vermonters...
  18. sstressfl

    PopUp Camping in the White Mountains, NH - Moose Hillock - Not Rated, Directors Cut

    It has been years since our last visit to Moose Hillock in Warren, NH! With its heated pool, private campsites, gorgeous scenery... is it as good as we remember or has nostalgia made it bigger than reality? And one more thing, I cannot thank the people of PopUpPortal enough for this tip...
  19. sstressfl

    Campsite Upgrade - Black Flag Bug Zapper Bug Light & Custom Stand

    I'd like to delete this post... I did not know bug zappers were harmful. I have removed the video.
  20. sstressfl

    PopUp Camper Speaker Upgrade/Install | Listen to the Difference

    I really like the 2280bhesp popup, but its hard to listen to the cheap sounding stereo. It doesn't need to be studio quality, but I would like it to sound better. More bass, better highs, better sound separation. I selected a low cost 3-Way 6" x 9" 4 ohm Kenwood speaker with a 91 db...