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  1. Ger

    Measuring The Total Weight of Camper

    Morning Campers. I’m pretty diligent about not overloading my camper or tow vehicle and have even weighed each item that I put in the front storage bin of my camper to get a total weight, but I really don’t know what the ACTUAL weight of my ENTIRE camper is when loaded up for a trip. Have any...
  2. Ger

    Propane Tank Cover

    Can any of my fellow popup campers recommend a soft propane tank cover for my popup? I can’t find one for a single tank that is large enough to cover my tank, the connection hose and the regulator? (See attached photo). The covers I’ve seen (and bought) really only seem to be for the tank itself...
  3. Ger

    Popup Rated for 30 Amps… only 20 Amps Available

    Entering our second year of popup camping and I see a lot of sites on campgrounds offer only 20 Amps. My popup is rated for 30 Amps. I assume that means that if I were to run a “full load” (everything on) that I might trip a breaker. My question is; if we are using the fridge, some lights and...
  4. Ger

    Rearward Visability

    We’ve been on our 5th camping trip with our camper and even though it’s fairly low (4’-8”) and with a fairly tall Toyota Highlander as the tow vehicle, I still can’t see any vehicles behind me. I thought about wing mirror extensions, but do they really help see vehicles directly behind the...
  5. Ger

    Brand new Coachmen Clipper Missing Door Key

    I have a 2021 Coachmen Clipper 108ST Sport. I went to lock the stepper door that other day and I assumed that one of the two small keys provided would fit the lock. I was wrong. Those small keys fit all the cubby doors and even the screen door, but not the stepper door. I’ve been getting a bit...
  6. Ger

    Water pump question

    I have a brand new Coachmen Clipper Sport 108ST which we used for the first time last weekend. I connected the camper to the campsite water spigot (under water pressure) but my water pump sounds like it turns on when either of the sink faucets are turned on. Shouldn’t the pump only come on when...
  7. Ger

    Clipper 108ST Roof Questions