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    Is popup setup any easier now?

    Went to an A-frame style popup awhile back, mainly for the ease of setup and takedown. I remember having to pull out beds that sometimes stuck, and then having to lift them to put the support poles into position. Even the memories are painful. Well, we were having considerations for the...
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    How about the dormers?

    I am wondering how lucky folks with the new dormer openings are liking them. In all honesty, a former "regular popup" had canvas windows, and they offered very little insulation from both temperature changes and campground noises. The "regular A frame" does provide much better insulation all...
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    How about ticks this year?

    I am seeing more ticks this year, in the woods, and even on my shirt. So, I have a couple of questions. Are you seeing more ticks this year? Are more ticks around when logging has just taken place in the woods? Are there less ticks in camping areas that are not in the woods?
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    Build your own teardrop(wood) camper...

    For years I have dreamed about building a Chesapeake Light Craft kayak from one of their kits, so I receive their emails. Although kayaks are their main product line, they have gone into teardrop campers, as well. Although the teardrop is not a popup, there are inquiries about the lightest and...
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    This is where I want to see it -

    shore power is connected, so the converter trickle charger is working to top up the battery. [:D] Guess I should do a spring washing, soon.
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    Stinkbugs clogged up stove!

    I was having problems with my Peak 1 Coleman single burner liquid fuel stove, which has been very reliable for a few years. It would light with a typical yellowish flame, but it would not switch over to a blue flame. [V] I took off the upper assembly, looked into the small cavern inside, and...
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    The rain ain't fun anymore!

    I have always enjoyed an occasional rain, but there has been so much of it this year, the rain seems to have lost its novel effect. I guess that is my rain rant...
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    Bought a new inflatable paddle Board!

    I have had a dislike for inflatables, but decided to give a try. Bought a Saturn 12' from boatstogo online. I also bought 2 of their special seats, which sort of mimic a kayak effect. It is surprisingly very good at SUP paddling, with a good blend of speed and tracking. Stability is great, both...
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    Any tarp as awninng for any A frame

    I have finally devised a way to use any tarp as an awning that attaches to an A frame camper! [:O] The first step is to add an anchor point to the top middle of the front of the A frame roof. I used a standard 1/2" flat washer after bending it about 90 degrees. I drilled 2 holes for 1/8"...
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    I did a search, please, hold your applause,

    but did not find an answer, so here goes... [LOL] We used our new canopy, and when we opened up the side walls, we became inundated with all kinds of bugs. [:(] So, nothing new, but what is the best way to get them out? The ones that landed on the inside of the roof seemed to want to stay...
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    When the camper is not in use -

    should you lower the stabilizing jacks to take some weight off of the tires and axle, or doesn't it matter? [?:~{]
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    Added shut off valve to outside shower

    I had a very slight water drip from my outside water shower line, probably because I neglected to winterize that. [:(] Changing the valve cups and springs and coating the o rings did not help. [:(] [:(] Rather than change the valve stems, or maybe the entire assembly, I added an inline...
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    White Gorilla tape seals bubble windows -

    I noticed that my bubble window had developed a slight water leak at a corner of the bubble window. [:(] I could see that there was some caulk erosion under the factory window tape where it overlapped onto the corner vertical side of tape. [:O] I cleaned the tape area with denatured alcohol...
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    How to lower hot water temperature?

    My A122 has a Suburban 6 gallon hot water heater, and it heats water very well with propane heat. I would like to adjust the water temperature down a little bit, but I do not know where the adjustment control mechanism is, or even if there is an adjustment for the hot water temperature...
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    What is your solar camping season?

    Since solar power relies on sunshine, with an overhead angle being effective and lower angles of sunshine being less effective, I am wondering about general locations and seasons(months) that enable solar power to be effective. [:O] For example, locations close to the equator will have...
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    Winter camping with an A frame and outside fresh water tank?

    Right - in my Rockwood A frame, the fresh water tank is actually below the floor of the camper, and literally outside of the camper. [:O] I drain the tank for the winter, and do not use it, but I am wondering if anybody has a similar outside fresh water tank and does any winter camping...
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    Mounting 80w solar on a pole?

    I am thinking about mounting an 80w solar panel on a pole that would be about 8' long. [:O] The pole would fit into a base that is attached to either the camper tongue, or the bike rack on the back of the camper. [;)] The pole could be plastic pipe, or a metal antenna pole. Advantages of a...
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    Can small solar panels connect in parallel?

    I have been reading some posts about charging abilities and wattage ratings of solar panels. [RTM] I see HF has their 1.5 amp rated charging solar panels on sale @$13.99, and I am wondering if it would be practical to connect about 8 of those together in parallel to provide about 100 watts...
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    Help with yellow stains on linoleum floor?

    I put a couple of small black rubber backed rugs on the pup floor, and ended up with yellow stains below [:(O] I have tried baking soda and grime remover, but most of the stain is still there. [:(O] [:(O] Is there a magic fix for those yellow stains? [:!]
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    Are you using a vintage(mature) pup?

    Would be neat to hear from campers using a vintage camper. [:D] Some pics would be even better. [;)] [:D]