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  1. tenttrailer

    Great river road - planning trip.

    Early October we are planning a three week trip down the Mississippi river (Great River Road) starting at the head water in northern MN. Walking across the river using the steping stones. We will exit the road down at Natchez MS. We are planning on using Natchez Trace as part of our return...
  2. tenttrailer

    Is it going to ruin our winter camping???

    We have been thinking about taking a 2+ week trip between Thanksgivings and Christmas. But know for the last two weeks just about every day has been a new record day, exceeding our mid July Covid-19 cases peak per day of 75K. In the last 14 days we have gone from 75K/day to yesterday with...
  3. tenttrailer

    Getting ready for when the CG's opens

    Ohio canceled 2 of my reservations. They gave me back all my money including reservation fees. Just made reservations for 5/17, which is the the day Ohio lifts the closed for overnight camping. Now if the closed CG's is extended past 5/16. I will make new reservations for when they scheduled...
  4. tenttrailer

    New Mexico State Park Closing Camping do to coronavirus

    Just saw that NM closing down camping at State Parks because of coronavirus. I think this move is to protect the employees?? I just hope this is not what we will see from other states and the feds??? But when I did camp at a state park North of Carlsbad, NM; I was left with the impression...
  5. tenttrailer

    CG in NJ along I-84 around Delaware watershed

    Any recommendations for CG in NJ along I-84 around Delaware watershed , between NY and PA. One or 2 nights??
  6. tenttrailer

    Savannah GA CG Recommendatios

    We are planning to spend a few days in early December around Savannah GA. Looking for CG recommendations on beach or intercostal. Don't need elect, but would like showers and dump station.
  7. tenttrailer

    One more trip for the year.

    Planning the last trip of the year. We are thinking about going to mammoth cave NP KY, then to Nashville TN. Take the Natchez Trace to Tupelo MS. Head over to FL and do some camping and visit or two daughters and families that live in different parts of the state. Head back up the cost through...
  8. tenttrailer

    Douthat State Park - Cabin

    Taking trip to the outer banks to stay at a timeshare. We decided to stop on the way at Douthat State Park at one of the cabins. We camped with our popup there and thought the park exception. So why not try the cabins thinking it would be better than a motel Anyone every stay in the log...
  9. tenttrailer

    Burr Oak State Park, OH - Review???

    Thinking about going to Burr Oak State Park. Has anyone been there? What is your thought about the Camp Ground?
  10. tenttrailer

    Blue Rock State Park Ohio - Any feedback

    Looking at the list of Ohio State park and was wondering about Blue Rock State Park. Anyone have experience camping there. we are thinking about checking out the park. Thank for your feed back.
  11. tenttrailer

    Hocking Hills converted 60+ sites to full service.

    Hocking Hills converted 60+ sites to full service. Basicly everything from the bathroom by the dump station to and around the water tower. It's $38/night. They just opened them for reservation this last week.
  12. tenttrailer

    Looking for CG near Louisville KY with easy access to riverfront

    DD1 Is going to try the IronMan in Louisville in October on the river front. I told her I would be there and take the kids camping :) the night before and after the event, so she got a good night sleep. But I do need to be close to the IM to take GK to the event so they can see their mom...
  13. tenttrailer

    Anyone camp at - WV SP Camp Creek

    Were planning a trip and WV SP Camp Creek looks like it would be a good layover place. Anyone ever camp there ? How was it? were the shower clean? Also, are the tent sites large enough for a large pupup?
  14. tenttrailer

    Gas prices - Longer trips

    Looks like gas prices are going to lower all of this year compared to last year. Just bough gas for $1.76. [:D] Prices held for the holidays without going up. We're planning 3,000 mile 11 day trips to visits our 2 DW's and 3 GK's that are on different sides of Florida. Our plan was to fly...
  15. tenttrailer

    Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte, FL - Campground Recommendations???

    We headed down to FL to visit our two DD's the second week of April. We have the one CG selected for DD2 located in Jacksonville, but DD1 at Punta Gorda we can not find anything that the we think the GK's would have fun at Punta Gorda; I can't seem to find anything that looks good. We...
  16. tenttrailer

    Paint Creek SP - Anyone camp there

    I was looking at the OH SP web site and looked at Paint Creek SP. What was your thoughts. Were more hiching and kayaking people.
  17. tenttrailer

    Help finding a campground NW PA

    Were planning a late May vacation and the last 3 days we are looking for something in the NW area of PA. We are looking for something from the NY border, west of State College and north of Pittsburgh if you were to make a square on the map. We will heading down from the Watkins Glen Area...
  18. tenttrailer

    New Camper - Sad to let the pup go.

    We just pickup a new camper. We bought a 2003 Trailmanor 2720 (double bunk). Very good condition, but needs a spring cleaning. It was not used a lot and inside is in great shape almost no scrapes or scratches. Out side in VG condition no bends, dents or scrapes. The owner gave us a far price...
  19. tenttrailer

    Anyone use the NEW Harbor Fright 2500 watt generator

    In a flyer, I saw the new Harbor fright 2500 inverter generator, 64 db and 64 lbs. Does anyone have one? Wonder if it would run the AC?
  20. tenttrailer

    AEP Campgrounds in Ohio - Would you go there again?

    I thinking next year to get out to the AEP reclaimed lands in Ohio and do some camping. The price is right. [8D] Has any one camped there? Would you camp there again? If so which camping area/s and what was you thought of the camping areas?