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    Heated floors

    I've found that I'm a big winter camping enthusiast. I was thinking today and got to wonder if installing radiant heat in the floor would be efficient. I always camp with electricity in the winter as I'm not a fan of freezing at night. Has anyone done this or is it just a bad idea?
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    Separating siding

    Today while washing and waxing my 2016 Rockwood Premier 2516g I noticed that the siding is separating from the slideout. It's only about 4 inches up from the bottom and it's slightly bowed. I can't seem to find any evidence of water damage plus we keep it covered when not in use. 20210308_113542...
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    I've got a trip in w weeks where the high will be mid 20's and the lows around 10 degrees. Is it worth grabbing a roll of reflectix and cutting them to fit in the windows? Does it make a measurable/noticeable difference? I've got two space heaters, furnace, and pugs.
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    Solar brand

    My pup came pre-wired for Zamp solar. Is there any advantage to buying their product over some of the other brands that cost less? I know I want a 100watt panel, I just don't know why the giant price differences (Harbor Freight $199 to Zamp $549). Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Add a room?

    My 2015 Rockwood Premier has the awning with the zipper for a screen in room. Where do I go about finding one that fits my model?
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    Why Radial tires?

    I've never had a popup with radial tires but mine has them and they are due to be replaced (5 years old). What makes radials so good or should I be looking at something different. I looked in the search function and I couldn't find a topic that matched my question.
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    Illinois Popup Group

    How many people from the Illinois popup group are on here?
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    Anod rid

    I took mine out when winterizing the pup and never out it back in. Will the water heater be fine or should I take the cover off and put it back in place?
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    Whats the appeal?

    I'm not knocking it, I'm just curious to the appeal of boondocking? I enjoy the luxuries that my pup comes with that require electricity. Maybe if I understand it better I'd have the same interest.
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    Roof modification

    I've looked through the forum and haven't seen anyone bring up this topic. Has anyone ever scrapped their roof and built a new one that's taller to allow for more room for mattresses and possible storage? There's nothing wrong with my roof that I'm aware of but it's been on my mind for a few days.
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    Jayco suspension

    I purchased a used popup in October and it's warm enough that I went to look at it in storage. I was inspecting the tires and looked under it to check the suspension and noticed that it has no leaf springs. Is there any maintenance that I need to do to what I have? I've attached a photo...
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    Leaf springs

    I hear leaf springs can break and ruin a vacation. I've googled looking for replacement springs but can't find it for my model. What's the best way to find them?
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    Air bags

    So we're trying to prepare for next years camping season. We have a 2014 Chrystler Town and Country and I'm curious to anyone with a similar year put air bags on out of need or is it not necessary? Our pup is a 1993 Jayco with a weight of 2300lbs. Thanks!
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    Good evening, I'm a new pop-up camper owner and have never towed anything before. My question is about how to tow? I was always told to turn off the overdrive off when towing but my 2014 Chrystler Town & Country doesn't have an option to turn it off. In a case like this what do you do?