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    Bike Rack on a Hitch Adapter

    Both the Extender and the Multi Use Ball Mount have labels rating them at 5000 pounds.
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    Do you let the rain stop you?

    I don't cancel so far. Biggest pain is setup and teardown in the rain, other than that, sitting under the awning watching it rain, fine by me. And the pitter patter of rain on the popup is sort of soothing, I have no leaks. So far in 3 outings this year I have had some rain each trip...
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    hey everyone

    Welcome from Southern Wisconsin.
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    Bike Rack on a Hitch Adapter

    I am going by what the labels on them say.
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    Bike Rack on a Hitch Adapter

    This is what I use to haul my one bike. Haul Master Multi Use Ball Mount PN 66966 Haul Master 12 inch hitch extender PN 68882 Harbor Freight Bike Rack PN 60623 The hitch parts are rated to 5000lb, which is far above what I tow. I assembled the bike rack with the arms...
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    Do you use a Checklist for your PUP?

    Here is mine, I use it every time, as I seem to forget something if I don't.
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    Devils Lake SP

    As of 2015 Devils Lake has "First Come" sites, however I don't know how successful you would be on a drive up on Friday. A really beautiful campground, some open sites, some wooded. The New showers on the Northern Lights Campground section are really, really, nice. They are private shower...
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    Lake Wissota State Park Chippewa Falls Wisconsin

    Nice private campground, pretty wooded most sites for privacy, there are some in pine plantations if you prefer a more open campsite. A bit of a walk to the beach from the campsites. Nice hiking trails, friendly staff. Shower buildings are adequate, nothing fancy, they get the job done...
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    Part number look up?

    Most times the bearings themselves have part numbers on them. An auto parts store would be the first try.
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    Welcome Tony, from South Central Wisconsin, so much to see in our state.
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    Max Highway Speed With a PUP?

    I read all of this thread last night, and looking at the Carlisle tire website I found the following: How fast can I travel on Carlisle trailer tires? In the past, most trailer tires were rated at 62 or 65 mph. Today, some of our tires are "rated" (speed symbols) at 87 mph (N), some at 75 mph...
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    Question about my battery charge

    With just lights you will be fine, the main battery drains are the refrigerator, and the furnace, lights are minimal especially LED lights. I camped 2 nights with heater running over a 48 degree night, and still had 70% battery left, and after 20 minutes of driving it was back to 100% with road...
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    Is a 50 AMP Hook Up safe?

    The Amperage Rating is based on the maximum you can Draw out of the Outlet. Seeing as you only have a 30 amp camper the most you would draw out is 30 amps. Think of it like drinking from a fire hose, your camper will limit how much will flow out through the nozzle, but the whole water tower is...
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    Hartman Creek State Park - Waupaca Wisconsin

    Oh, I forgot to mention....the RACCOONS ! We had one run through our camp before dark, seems he was the scout for the troop, as they ALL came after we packed it in for the night. The chewed on anything associated with food, even climbed up the gas grill to see what was going on with it. My...
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    Battery or Propane Power

    Yes on Propane the refrig will last a LONG time. I used mine one weekend and didn't even register enough propane loss to fill the tank, the guy at the local co-op said it was "barely down" and topped it off for free. 12v will barely last a couple of hours.
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    Hi, my name is __________ and I'm a campaholic . . .

    My name is Jeff and I am a camp-o-holic. I put in all my vacation in Feb after I make and pay for all my reservations. My boss freaks out as I put the vacation into our system and he gets email......and then another......and then another about 5 minutes apart for my vacation for the year. Then...
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    Adding a water pump

    Uncle Spike - - Do you find the pump too slow at a gallon a minute? Hows the pressure. I have to keep my wife on board as she gives up when it pisses her off. At this point hand pump she says is better than anything but I don't wanna do it twice I only have to use it to draw water to wash...
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    Adding a water pump

    I have 2 dry camps this year, and installed a cheap ebay water pump, it is a 1.2 GPM pump, which is pretty small, but I am in no hurry so I can wait for water. My on board tank is around a 10 gallon tank. I put in a switch even though it is an "on demand" pump as I didn't want to have the...
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    new camper smell

    I use 1/2 cup of fabric softener to a spray bottle, and use like Febreze. I used to use Febreze, but after a while you get a greasy build up. Over the winter I pulled all my cushion covers and washed them using the same detergent and liquid fabric softener, followed be the dryer sheets of the...