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  1. Jim Whitehouse

    Simple question about refrigerator power

    We have a 2018 Classic. it has a 3 way fridge,Gas, DC or AC. If set on auyo it will choose gas first (if turned on) then AC if hooked to 129 AC and 12V last. I'm surprized that it's not a 3 way!
  2. Jim Whitehouse

    Domestic 3 way fridge questions

    Some where on this forum I read about removing the top cover of the frige pannel to improve air flow. Looking at the top vent you have to wounder how hot air can freely exit the area. the air has to "bend" down to flow through the vent. Part of our setup proceedure is to remove the top vent. Run...
  3. Jim Whitehouse

    Tacoma Towing Question

    Just looked at my cargo weight recommendation, 950 lbs. I'm assuming that is for the cab max weight, 4 people @ 200 lbs=800 lbs. Total carrying capacity, with box is 1500 lbs. Another way to look at weight capacities would be axel weight.
  4. Jim Whitehouse

    Outside tire wear

    Probably not. Just relating my experience with uneven wear.
  5. Jim Whitehouse

    Outside tire wear

    Could be wheel bearings. We peeled the tread off a tire, started on the inside, in 1000 km. Jacked camper up in campground and had a loose bearing. Changed to spare. Checked the other side, losse also. Bearings were ok just loose.
  6. Jim Whitehouse

    Towing between Toronto and Thunder Bay

    We travel to BC to see Daughter 2X a year, when travel permitted. Pulling an ALiner Classic with 2018 Tacoma. I use cruse control alot as I figure the computer knows best. The long hills on the Superior can be engine killers. The Taco will hit 4500 rpm in 3rd to maintain speed of 100 kph. we...
  7. Jim Whitehouse

    A-Liner vs Popup

    We have a 2018 ALiner Classic with canvas dormers. no issues with good cross ventilation as the dormer windows have big zip open windows. The hard dormers are a different. Far much less cross ventilation. I would guess 1/4 the opening area. Worst case run the fan to suck out the hot air.
  8. Jim Whitehouse

    Thank You Ontario Parks

    Several Parks extended their closing date to the end of October, generally close our Thanksgiving Monday. Decided to give Inverhuron PP a try, October26-30. Only loop open was all hydro sites so we took our little heater. The low setting was enough to keep us toasty and dry, almost too hot for...
  9. Jim Whitehouse

    How long is too long?

    In 2018, our first year of having Val the ALiner (prior we were tenter's), we traveled from Ontario to Inuvik NWT. Goal was to watch the summer solstice at the Artic Circle. Left home May 26 to first visit DD in central BC. Spent 5 days there then headed North. With timelines in mind there were...
  10. Jim Whitehouse

    Hello from Canandaigua NY

    We also had an issue with the fridge exterior cooling fan running an awful lot. Read a post on this site that recommended removing the top shield to the fridge. it really works!!! the hot air dosn't have to drop down to exit.
  11. Jim Whitehouse

    Woo Hoo!

    We have a 2018 Classic. The microwave is as you enter on the left. The door opened into the entry way. We used it for storage. Took it out last year and replaced it with 2 drawers. Just a bit of fun doing it as true to ALiner quality, nothing is square. We have more than tripled the storage...
  12. Jim Whitehouse

    2021 Aliner Expedition Maiden Voyage: Sangre de Cristo Mountains

    yes there are cone washers in the drain points.
  13. Jim Whitehouse

    Camping Spirits

    Wife likes Cabot Trail here in Canada. It's a creamed maple syrup based liquor. Great in just hot water(although she admits that it takes a bit more for flavour) or hot chocolate. Daytime pleasure id craft beer, night time craft whisky or rum.
  14. Jim Whitehouse

    Aliner durability

    I would look at the cost of beefing up the frame if doing a lot of off roading, like a body shop.
  15. Jim Whitehouse

    Need a luan alternative!

    Door skins?
  16. Jim Whitehouse


    We have a 2018 Classic. Depending on amount and direction of rain, and leveling, we can get a bit of seepage in the corners. I thinks its running along the seal between the lower wall and the roof. The stripping there seems to be of a foam type (open cell) and I think it's getting waterlogged...
  17. Jim Whitehouse

    Coming to the Arched Side

    and even a dormer on the front!
  18. Jim Whitehouse

    a framers

    Fair assessment. Our Classic has soft dormers, factory installed strut assists. As we all age, work smarter not harder. Might consider struts in the future. I can still read the specs on mine. Sure someone here will help, if needed.
  19. Jim Whitehouse

    a framers

    Are you planning on installing lift assistance? Is that why you need the weight?
  20. Jim Whitehouse

    Friday the 13th, 2020 Camping!!!

    Purchased a "Volcano" from Colorado. We use it as Firepit, charcoal BBQ and it has a propane burner also. Extremely versatile. Do a search for Volcano.