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    Controlling sway?

    We took our 2002 Coleman/Fleetwood Niagara out for a quick trip this weekend -- first time we've been out in a while. Had new tires put on just a week or so ago, too. It seemed like we were getting more sway than in the past, especially in the 62 - 70 MPH range. We use an anti-sway bar, and...
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    CG close to the Smoky Mtns - from Ducktown, TN to Waynesville or Maggie Valley, NC area?

    I'm hoping to find a recommended cg somewhere between Ducktown, TN and Maggie Valley, NC. We need a weekend vacation in the mountains. KOAs are not our thing and we love waterfalls, woods, and hiking. Thank you very m! It's been too long since we've camped, and it looks like we'll get a few...
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    Best time to go to Okefenokee camping?

    We need a vacation - badly. Don't have a lot of time for a dream trip out west, but I thought we could look into the Okefenokee & surrounds. When is a good time to go - not blisteringly hot, no sand flies, no horse flies that will fly off with my kids, etc. ? How long should we plan on staying...
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    Camping in Key West? When is a good time?

    So, I'm searching for this topic, not knowing that there is a camper model called the Key West. And, of course, I couldn't find anything about cgs. We need a vacation - badly. Don't have a lot of time for a dream trip out west, but I thought we could look into Key West. Can you camp in the...
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    Plan now for Fall Camping

    Plan your Fall camping trip now to include a stop at one of the NASA farm partners. That's right, I said farm. This project is a collaborative outreach project with NASA designed to celebrate and honor the U.S. space program through agri-tourism at seven farms across the United States. The...
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    GA CG - Red Top Mountain SP

    We are taking friends camping before they move across the pond for a year or so. Any suggestions for a good campsite at Red Top Mountain? Are any of the sites for pop-ups close to the water? It's so darn hot here that we're hoping no one melts or has a meltdown! We were hoping to get a...
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    Camping and Robots! for kids age 9 - 18

    Robotics Open House At Young Harris College in the North GA Mountains The Towns County High School robotics team, the Kick'N'Bots, will host a free robotics "Show and Share" open house for the general public, FTC, and FLL robotics teams on June 25 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at Young Harris...
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    Closest Beach to Atl?

    I'm toying with the idea of taking my kids to an ocean beach this summer. Does anyone know the closest beach to the Atlanta Metro area that has camping at the beach or very very close to the beach? Thank you!
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    Security or the lack thereof

    I just saw this video on how to get into a locked suitcase. Guess everything of value must be carried with you. Now, where can I get a pack mule, as my back won't be able to handle all the weight . . . ? How to open a locked zippered luggage bag
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    Civil War History - GA

    For those interested in Civil War history - we just got a magazine today that has a full page ad for the Georgia Commemoration of the Civil War in GA from 2011 - 2015. It is to be a commemoration, not a celebration. lists events, attractions, sites, map, driving trails, and more.
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    travel website

    I just came across this website and their twitter presence. Looks like there might be some stuff here to help even those of us who camp when we travel. I'm also on twitter recommending good books for kids -...
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    GA - Red Top Mtn. Want to go this weekend?

    Both DH and DD have to work most of this weekend (9/24 , so we aren't going to be able to go camping and enjoy this great weather! I'm bummin' as this was going to be our first trip out in months and we miss it. I've heard a lot of wonderful things about Red Top on Lake Allatoona - great hiking...
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    How to keep food cold in an ice chest

    My dh read this right before we went on our last trip, so we didn't have time to try it. I'm putting the salt in as soon as i get off of the computer so it will be ready for the 4th. I'll post again if it works. I'm hoping that we'll be able to take some type of tofutti bar for ds, as he...
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    Advice cleaning inside of canvas

    We took our n2us pup in to get it lubed. Then, one trip shortly after that, as fairly new pup owners, we didn't have the dinette canvas pulled out far enough when sliding the beds in. Now we have dark grease on the inside of the dinette canvas. SIGH. Any ideas on how to clean that off while...
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    Does anyone else use their shower for storage?

    We don't use the shower - haven't needed to, yet. And, I'm kind of hoping that we don't need to. We have the outdoor shower hose, which we also haven't had a need or chance to use yet. I just hope that we don't need to use it, as I don't need one more "thing," especially a bathroom, to clean...
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    Possible Need for a CG Host in No. GA -

    We were at Amicalola St. Park in Dawsonville, GA (North of Atlanta) last weekend and there was no host on site. First time we've been camping and didn't see one. Turns out, the host got very sick and had to go home. So, they may be in need of a host for some period of time. I don't know if...
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    Anyone added a door to a bench seat?

    I've been trying to get better use out of our space - mostly while at the cg. We do pretty well when traveling. We have a bench seat that is pretty good length just inside the door. I was wondering how difficult it would be to cut a door out of the longest wall and put in door. That way, I...
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    We all LOVE the Earth Day Logo

    Thanks for putting up a cute Earth Day Logo extra and we also love the recycling symbol, too. (We're a 2 recycle bin family, here.) The kids LOVE it, too! Have a great weekend - Hope you're going camping.
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    camp and bike - from the site or . . . ?

    We're trying to figure out how to bike and camp - We've tried taking all 5 bikes on the pup, but we had a lot of sway, even with the sway bar. We were overweight, too, so I'm not sure how much that affected the sway. (we've since reduced weight in the pup). DH is 6'9" and has a large bike...
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    GA to PA? A route?

    Trying to plan a late summer trip . . . I'm trying to decide if it is feasible to get to PA from GA and avoid I-95 around Richmond as well as the more mountainous areas that might put a strain on our TV. Is it possible to get to PA from GA with these trip restrictions? Or, is there a better...