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    How did you come up with your screen name?

    Old nickname from high school friends that stuck thru the 20 odd years. Same ones are flying out Saturday and we’re taking the pop up to Moab on a dudes trip for some 4x4 and whitewater rafting this weekend.
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    How to lower roof without electric motor and broken backup nut?

    Second bit worked like a charm. Threw some 1ft 2x4 under each corner and detached the winch. Cut the cable as long as possible and the hook up for Goshen was simple as. Cranks up and down like a charm. Taking it down to Moab next weekend with some old friends flying in from VA. Thanks.
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    Spring in Yellowstone

    I worked in GTNP for 8 years. We would get snow till end of June some years. Miss it.
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    How to lower roof without electric motor and broken backup nut?

    Help. I need it down 6in to replace the electric winch with a Goshen crank winch. Any ideas? 06 Rockwood Freedom
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    Spring in Yellowstone

    We went up to Alpine Wyoming and had the same.
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    How to get top down w/broken motor & backup

    Well my electric motor stopped working, and I’m 4in away from having the top down off the backup when the bolt sheered off. I’m going to order a Goshen Manuel, but I’m wondering how to get the camper down the rest of the way and relieve the cable to dismantle and put on the new winch? 2006...

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