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  1. Greg H

    Wanted: Dometic RM2193 Fridge in S. Ontario

    If anyone in Southern Ontario is swapping out their fully functional Dometic RM2193 3-way fridge for an electric fridge (or whatever else), I‘d be interested in purchasing it. Mine unfortunately started leaking coolant. Current view at Killbear Park for attention:
  2. Greg H

    Power Issue

    That fuse is just outside the battery box on mine.
  3. Greg H

    Testing Duct Tape

    That guy does great videos. I watch them all the time!
  4. Greg H

    November 2021 - what did you do for your camper?

    Did the final pre-winter cleaning this weekend. Finally put in a winterizing kit for the plumbing. Backed the pup into the garage, where it will stay until the spring. Always a sad day.
  5. Greg H

    14 rockwook Power winch

    Nah, the existing cover works, you just need to cut a hole for the winch handle. You’ll have a small hole on the other side where the switch was, but that’s not impactful.
  6. Greg H

    14 rockwook Power winch

    Replaced the one on my Rockwood with a manual winch once the power winch crapped out. The job was less than an hour from start to finish. Pretty hard to mess it up. Very happy I switched.
  7. Greg H

    Memory Foam Winterization?

    We’ve left ours in place for the past 2 winters with no ill effects. Toronto isn’t quite as cold as Minnesota, but we still get exposed to significant cold spells. Ours is only 2” and doesn’t compress much, but there’s no permanent indentations or anything from where the bunk end cross bar (or...
  8. Greg H

    First pup!

    Also, just looked up your pup - that thing looks crazy - I’ve never seen anything like it! So cool!
  9. Greg H

    First pup!

    Welcome from the Hamilton area! Good luck with the repairs; I had to do some of my own without prior experience. It’s totally doable and this forum is a great resource!
  10. Greg H

    Intro - 2015 Jayco Jay Series 1007UD

    Thanks for the feedback - we haven’t tried Pog Lake yet but will keep an eye out for privacy if we do go there at some point.
  11. Greg H

    Intro - 2015 Jayco Jay Series 1007UD

    Welcome! Southern Ontario here too. Beautiful pics - whereabouts in Algonquin was that?
  12. Greg H

    Battery operated power lift

    This doesn’t answer your question directly, but in my opinion the power lift systems are more trouble than they’re worth. Under-engineered, unreliable and prone to failure. There are endless threads about various failures. I begrudgingly switched mine to a manual winch (< 1 hour job) after...
  13. Greg H

    Let Me Level With You

    I love my BAL leveler. With a 3/4” socket for the leveler and 4 stabs, I have the trailer level and stabilized in no time. I’m also curious about clever storage solutions. I currently have mine inside the door, but it’s not ideal along side other things I store in there. I’ve got no obvious...
  14. Greg H

    Looking for ideas - expanded tongue storage for larger battery

    Hey all, thanks for the tips and sorry for the late response; took a last minute trip on Labor Day weekend. I guess i should have been more detailed. According to my calculations (and Amazon search, a group 31 box is about 3.5”longer than my current box. That won’t fit in the same front-back...
  15. Greg H

    Looking for ideas - expanded tongue storage for larger battery

    It’s getting time to replace my pup’s battery, currently group 24. I’d like to upgrade to a group 31, but there is really only room on the tongue for the propane tank and current battery box as-is. Pic below…. so I’m looking for ways to expand storage in this area…I can’t really expand...
  16. Greg H

    August 2021 - What did you do for your camper this month?

    Interesting…wasn’t aware of a socket jenie for the winch. Although, i use my drill with a 3/4” socket for my BAL leveler and 4 stabs. It takes me less than a minute to crank up the pup with little effort, so by the time I change out the socket for the jenie on my drill, I’m not sure I’d be...
  17. Greg H

    Problems with power lift on new to us Pop up

    Honestly, I didn’t want to give up the electric winch - it’s a premium feature, right? The main gear in mine eventually stripped this summer. I would have had to replace the whole winch, and that was very pricey for something that so many people have found unreliable. So, I begrudgingly...
  18. Greg H

    Which side for manual crank handle?

    Mine’s definitely not wrapped 3 times before tension is put on it, probably closer to 1.5 (though I am going to replace the cable in the off-season due to unrelated wear). You’re probably correct on the rationale for the 3 turns. Nobody is going to guarantee that your situation is completely...
  19. Greg H

    Which side for manual crank handle?

    Good luck! I think the only thing that can realistically be mucked up during the install is attaching the cable correctly (ie: safely). Lots of videos on YouTube if you’re unsure.
  20. Greg H

    Connect multiple 12v wires to battery post

    Lol looks like someone rigged that pic using a quick release bike seat clamp

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