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    New TV

    we also drive an 06 trailblazer and also love it, tows with no problem at all!
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    Here we go!

    sounds very nice! Can't wait to see the pics!
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    funny story, oops!

    we did this as well, in our driveway, about ten seconds after I mentioned to dh that the camper felt more secure in a campground [LOL] No wonder why, there we use the stabilizers!
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    Vinyl windows

    I much prefer tinted over non tinted.
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    awning mods?

    We have a 1995 viking 175SD. The awning poles come out from the roof, and they have a peg at the end of them. The poles that go from the ground up to meet the ones that come off the roof have a tab with a hole in the top of them. The tab from the poles off the roof goes through the holes from...
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    I'm sorry to hear this. It is so hard to deal with the loss of a pet. They become family so fast you can't remember a time when they weren't. Our cat just was diagnosed with diabetes two months ago. We are trying to do everything we can to control it so she has many years left with us. You...
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    I'm not dealing well

    I know exactly how you feel. It is a horrible ache that most likely wont ever fully go away. It will ease over time but some of the ache always remains. I feel for you and your entire family. It is never easy. Those fur babies become such a part of our lives so fast it is hard when they are...
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    First outing in our new to us '96 Sun Valley.

    great looking camper!
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    I absolutely HATE earwigs. Yuck!
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    Our 2,222.2 mile trip

    great sounding trip, great looking pictures. A trip that was well documented and made for great reading! Thanks for sharing the stories and the pictures!!
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    Never vacationed at all with our toddler! Help Please!

    my best advice? Make a list for your camper, what you need for the outside then the inside, then locate everything for what you need where, make sure its in the camper. Pack for the adults and pack for the kid. Recheck your list's three times just to make sure. If you happen to forget...
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    Pix of our PU & recent sites, sights

    great looking camper and campground! Love the scenery! Nothing like that here in MI! Well, maybe the deer.
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    Our first pup!

    great looking camper!
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    2008 rockwood primier1904

    great looking camper! How was the campground?
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    hitch height

    we ended up not liking the way the camper was with the 5 1/4in drop receiver so we took that back to wal mart went out to harbor freight bought an adjustable one (8 in 1) for five bucks less. Great news to us! So we went home and didn't think much about it because we weren't camping any time...
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    I am noticing a trend in TV's, and it is scary!

    yeah just a few months ago when we were out looking for a new to us truck we were amazed at how low of a towing capacity some of the SUV's have. We went with the trailblazer because we knew what the towing weight capacity was and that we would be far far below it.
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    weight of Viking

    well after many attempts and set backs we were finally able to weigh our pup. We had the fridge, microwave, and 95% of our camping stuff in the camper when it got weighed, the other 5% will go in our truck and it weighed 1500LBS on the nose. Much better then the 1820LBS suggested at the other...
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    weight of Viking

    well we got ready to go weigh our pup today at the local CAT scales, called them to find out how much it cost's and of course, the lady who answered the phone told us no, they do NOT have truck scales at that gas station. So it doesn't look like we are going to be weighing the pup anytime soon...

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