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    Goshen spring stuck in lift

    I was lifting my pop up roof an my Starcraft Centennial when something popped and the rear lift on one side collapsed. I lowered the roof which went down almost all the way to closed. I did my research and started to disassemble the rear lifts, removed the bolts and dropped the tubes. The good...
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    Dual 6V Battery Charging Issue

    Took my 2005 Starcraft out on its maiden dry camping run and everything went smoothly until the last day. I had my dual propane tanks set to use just one (so I could get a feel for how much I would use) and it ran out. I must have had my 3-way fridge set to "auto" since it switched to DC from...
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    2005 Starcraft Pop up with never-used (but broken) AC

    I decided to buy a pop up as an introduction into RV camping and found an older SC Centennial 3608 that was rarely used from the original owner. When I purchased we went through the systems and everything worked perfectly except the AC. The owner told me it should be fine since he never used it...

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