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  1. Allamakee County

    Chalet roof

    "Chalk" that one up to Autocorrect maybe?
  2. Allamakee County

    September 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Finished Camp Back Yard! The signs and the fire circle came from the same place: Iowa Prison Industries. They make the fire circles for the Iowa state parks system.
  3. Allamakee County

    Roof doesn’t meet door frame

    I'm leaning toward the rooftop "stuff" being the culprit also only because we have a similar thing going on since adding a rooftop a/c unit which is off center.
  4. Allamakee County

    July 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Last day of July! My signs arrived from Iowa Prison Industries. There's another just like it behind the camper, facing the alley. Still waiting on our state park style fire circle and grill.
  5. Allamakee County

    What food item has unexpectedly become a camping staple for you?

    Shish kebab, usually with beef, and rice pilaf. I believe in living well. Heh.
  6. Allamakee County

    Christopher Creek Campground

    It looks like a lovely place!
  7. Allamakee County

    Christopher Creek Campground

    We hang our pantry inside, from the camper door stowage tracks, so it is over the sink where we really need it.
  8. Allamakee County

    Covid campers, common sense and The Code

    I appreciate the fact that the OP's poster has an item which is.. read the posters.
  9. Allamakee County

    July 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Not done this month but I didn't post when I did it. Made this mesh storage thingie for over the bunk. Handy for eyeglasses, book, phone, pajamas, clothes you're gonna wear again, whatever. The mesh was in the decorator fabrics section at Joann. It's not stretchy. I'm in the Northwoods and am...
  10. Allamakee County

    Are pop ups a dying breed?

    Where we camp the most, a nearby state park with only primitive campsites, there are always a bunch of us in pups. We love to compare notes. Last year we found someone with the exact same model as ours and had a lot of fun talking upgrades, because they had taken theirs in a different direction.
  11. Allamakee County

    Upcomming Meal Plans? All ideas welcome

    Nice! Daughter gave us a camp stove top oven for Christmas 2021. I have yet to try it out. Brownies at the campsite sounds very appealing.
  12. Allamakee County

    Hi from MN

    Hey neighbor. New Albin, IA, here. If you want to try a weekend in a beautiful spot with no hookups, try the Yellow River State Forest here in Allamakee County.
  13. Allamakee County

    May 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    We decided to revamp Camp Back Yard this year! Reoriented the ShelterLogic cover on an angle, taking out two garden plots to do so, and adding new plantings. Just a beginning really. We want to put in limestone walkways and a fire circle in front of the camper and really enjoy this. I'm in the...
  14. Allamakee County

    May 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    I think that's the purple side. Strong. Independent. Be happy!
  15. Allamakee County

    Upcomming Meal Plans? All ideas welcome

    Get the kids involved in the meal planning. Do it on paper, map out all the meals, and have them help you fill in what they would like to eat, working through ways to prepare that at camp. And if someone puts hotdogs down for one meal, fine, leave it, but then next time somebody says hotdogs...
  16. Allamakee County

    Water Heater - Why Keep It?

    Our favorite place to camp is a primitive campground in the Iowa state parks system with an outhouse and a well but no showers, no toilets, no sinks, no nuttin. I love taking a nice hot shower behind my pup in the pine trees. Glorious.
  17. Allamakee County

    Convincing significant other of Pop UP

    @Breckler, tl:dr but if you live anywhere us you and your wife can come do Camp Back Yard in ours for a night or two and see what she thinks. Northeast Iowa.
  18. Allamakee County

    May 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    @BikeNFish , how do you know she's a witch?
  19. Allamakee County

    Campground Rules? Or really just suggestions to be ignored?

    We ignore the beverage rules but that's it. As for hammocks, using the thin straps you get with your average consumer hammock will girdle the healthiest of trees, and also for the sake if the trees we obey the firewood rules as the Emerald Ash Borer has jumped the Mississippi River now a d we...
  20. Allamakee County

    Wisconsin Dells Campsites?

    The Mindoro Cut is terrifying.